Sunday, 23 March 2014

Get you Engin(es) Running

Hello there Interpals!

I'm going to start this week with a little unpleasantness.  I apologise in advance.  Testicular Cancer is a serious thing.  A school friend of mine died a few years back when his cancer was not diagnosed in time.  I know that men need no encouragement to not sit around playing with their balls but make sure you have a good feel to check yourself.  Cancer Research are running a campaign to raise awareness around it with 'Cock in a Sock'.  You can make a donation to raise funds, but also you can send a picture to their Facebook page or hashtag a picture on Instagram.  The picture is of course you with your cock in a sock.  People of all shapes and sizes are participating.  I know it could be a daunting prospect for some, but if it raises some awareness on a disease that can be easy to treat if caught in time and deadly if it isn't, then give it some thought.

Facebook - Cock in a sock
Instragram - search #cockinasock

Now I did mention unpleasantness and obviously an awareness campaign is not unpleasant.  I have done my bit and I will share that with you now.  I have never once posted a picture of me on this blog and, as such, this will be a harrowing and traumatic introduction to you.  As I said, I apologise but if I can do it, so can you.  Some safety points to remember:

  • This image may cause temporary panic blindness, if this occurs, please put down any heavy machinary and think of kittens until your vision returns.
  • Night Terrors, Panic Attacks and feelings of nausea may also occur.  Please consult your doctor if these last beyond three days.
  • Daddybearfrontier will not accept any liability for any adverse symptoms you experience.  
So here you go:

No Lawsuits!!!!!

Anyway, I will now attempt to cleanse your eyes with more pleasant imagery.  I am going back to Turkey this week for a very cute daddybear.  Engin ┼×enkan is a Turkish Film, TV and Theatre actor who has also directed several theatre prodcutions.  Aaaaaannnnnddd there you go.  That's all I can tell you about him.  Normally I would fill the remaining area with hilarious and insightful text to pad this out but I got nothing.  nothing at all about him.  Except that I would happily jump into bed with this moustached adonis.  But you guessed that already.   So without further a do, here his is!  Enjoy.  And if you feel like fumbling with your bits, mind and check yourself.

That is a SERIOUS iPod dock


This is the latest Toyota Prius.  Only the most fashionable of celebrities have them

Engin actually broke his wrist from masturbating too much to my Instagram Cock-In-A-Sock pic


His reaction when I sent him the pic without the sock was less encouraging


  1. Aww, is that really a pic of you?
    Don't be so self-deprecating, mister!
    You look just as HOT as those daddybears on your blog.
    Maybe you should consider doing a feature on yourself.

  2. Aww, is that really a pic of you?
    Don't be so self-deprecating, mister.
    You look as HOT as those daddybears on you blog.
    Maybe you should consider doing a feature on yourself!

    1. It is indeed me. And there shall never be an entry about me lol. I'm not a bear and certainly not a daddy-one (cheeky bitch haha)

  3. You are quite handsome, despite the odd sock!

    1. Haha - thank you. Although that is one of my favourite socks!! lol