Sunday, 26 January 2014

152: A Night not at the Opera

The problem with doing a blog for any length of time is that you are always in danger of repeating yourself.  Not the men of course, there's a big sodding list down the side of the page to remind me who I have written about, but the kinds of things I write about.  My memory is not what it used to be and I have honestly lost track of things that I have said.  None of you so far have saw fit to gather my writings into a giant tome and form a religious order around my teachings.  Bitches.

I have a really vague recollection of writing about how I do like some classical music but that I intensely dislike opera - does that sound familiar?  Was it in something like 'The Book of Bumming 27:4'?  Seriously you guys, I want to be like L Ron Hubbard only my religion is based on the achievement of salvation through sex with burly men.  Look, if people can believe in shit like Thetans and Xenu then I think I have a shot.  Maybe we should start a Kickstarter campaign.

If I am repeating myself, I apologise.  However, I do feel the need to stress that I really fucking hate Opera.  Even the browser.  Opera does, unfortunately, tend to be populated with chubbier, handsome men and therefore is a rich and fertile hunting ground for the daddybear aficionado.  I really wish I could gather enough interest in it to learn enough to have deep, intelligent conversations with these men.  Seduce them with my operatic knowledge and charm them so much so that they are naked in my be with their legs around my shoulders and cum all over their bellies without any real knowledge of how the situation came to be.  Alas, my hatred for the topic is so intense that I can't bring myself to learn anything of value about Opera.  I guess I'll have to stick to using chloroform.

Paolo Gavanelli is an Opera singer and definitely one for the seduction list.  A chubby, bearded, Italian, baritone Daddybear who is famed for his roles such as  Rigoletto, Macbeth, Falstaff and Prisoner 2574 who is gangbanged in the showers in a film I will soon be looking to make.  He also appeared in Godfather III where he had no worries about his acting abilities since he knew Sofia Coppolla was going to be stinking up that joint.  What is nice about Opera singers is that they get all hot and sweaty on stage and they look great as a result.  I feel that there must be quite a few chaser stage directors in the world of opera given the amount of times he seems to be given heavy, leather, S&M-ish outfits to wear.  There are several clips of him on Youtube if you want to see him in action but I cannot bring myself to check them out.  Again, I really fucking hate Opera.

Seen here in the Los Angeles Opera Company production of Verdi's 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'

Ummmm....I...I might actually enjoy this Opera

Grey, dark, bleak-looking mountainous background.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is Macbeth


"Go Ahead!!  Kill me now!!  As long as I don't have to suffer any more of Sofia Coppolla's 'acting'!"

The healthcare system in Italy must countries

The controversial 'bum sex' scene in Romeo & Juliet

And this is the pivotal scene in the Modern Opera production of 'A Christmas Carol' where Scrooge is anally probed by the ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

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