Tuesday, 19 November 2013

He always seemed such a nice man.....

If you have wandered by this site before, you will have realised there is pretty much a set format.  I type some bullshit and then pictures of hot men appear Ta-Dah!!!  Occasionally I say I am breaking format by writing about adverts or cartoon characters but essentially it is the same basic premise.  Now when I blog about a guy, I usually scour the web for information about them.  Usually I can find one thing that I can latch onto and try write something humorous about or I can relate (in a tenuous way) to some heart-warming story from my own life, such as watching a bored, naked man being fucked whilst he munched on a packet of crisps in a Dutch dark room, or excessive pooping on visits to certain countries.  My point is, most of the time it takes quite a bit of effort to come up with the nonsensical rambling that you ignore when you head straight to the pictures.

However, sometimes fate gives you a by.  The stars align, ancient undiscovered pyramids begin to glow and a deep, rumbling sound can be heard.  A sound that means 'Hot Chubby Man Clusterfuck'.  A perfect storm for which no real research is needed and the set of circumstances for which he is known almost write this blog themselves.

Without further ado, I give you Paul Flowers.  Reverend Paul Flowers.  Ex-Chairman of Co-Operative Bank Paul Flowers.  A Reverend and a Banker.  A Reverend and a Banker who has recently had to quit his job as the Banking Chair for the Co-op Bank due to his being filmed whilst buying cocaine.   A Reverend and a Banker, who has recently been caught buying cocaine, who had to resign from his previous role as a Councillor for Bradford for having 'inappropriate but not illegal content' on his work computer (totes porn!)

There......there really is nothing else I can say.  A Methodist Reverend - good reason to already dislike him.  A proper banker - current world whipping boys.  Co-Op bank that is very super-ethical in it's business dealings - irony quotient met.  Co-Op bank that is now in huge financial crisis under Mr Flowers watch.   Fuuuuuuucccckkkk - it's like my head is ready to explode.  All I need now is to find out that it was gay porn on his computer.  That would be fantastic, you know the whole irony of being a minister thing, and also because I would booking a train to wherever he is to fuck that ass senseless.  He has that stuffy, pinstripe suit, glasses on end of nose, clipped white moustache look that I love.  I hope to god he wears sock suspenders and loose fitting white boxers (or Y-fronts) under those trousers.   

He was totally off his tits when this picture was taken

"I'm just nipping out the bike to get some more Bath Salts.  Hahahahaha."
"Hahaha Flowers! You mental bastard...can....can I sniff you balls and asscrack when you have built up a sweat?"

How did he not know he was being filmed?  The camera seems to be sitting on the passenger seat

He also had to resign from his job at Centre Parcs for shitting in the water tanks

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