Monday, 14 October 2013

Mudd in my eye

It is one of the sad truths of this century that we live in a time of disposable celebrity.  When any screaming demon on a reality show can be famous, fame loses its long term appeal.  You can be world-famous for doing nothing more that coming from a rich family and going to parties.  As Andy Warhol indicated, everybody in the future would be famous for 15 mins.  The key part is that at the end of the 15 mins, that fame disappears almost immediately, like tears in the rain or. more poetically, like a boner when Simon Cowell appears on screen.

People will know who Mozart, Shakespeare and Jedward were in 100 years from now but no-one will know of Paris Hilton or Km Kardashian (this time will be known as the Golden Age).  Along the way though, some people get forgotten who deserve a little more recognition.  When I say 'some people', I mean hot chubby guys that I would like to fuck.  And that's what Daddybearfrontier is really about.  Preserving their memory in a little time capsule.  Detailing the lives and talents of these fine men who otherwise may be lost in time so that future generations can unearth these gods and learn and masturbate whilst imagining fucking them in the ass and cumming in their faces.  It's a noble duty.

And so, we come to this week's man.  And he fits this blog perfectly except...... well.... he was only attractive sometimes.  Roger C Carmel was an American actor who, if you have taste, you will recognise.  There isn't a whole lot of information about his life, but there are a few important things to note.  Probably his most iconic role is that of 'Harry Mudd' in two episodes of Star Trek (the Original Series).  And he looked fucking amazing in it.  Hot, chubby, hairy chested with a beautiful moustache.  Now, another role you may recognise him from is that of Colonel Gumm in the Batman TV series.  And he was not at all hot in that.  He was rather skinny.  A perusal of his pictures in Google highlights a massive fluctuation in his weight.  Now it has been rumoured that he was a heavy drug user and this would certainly account for the weight issues.  The second thing to note is that he had a promising career ahead of him starring in a comedy (which totally flopped) called "Mothers-In-Law".  After the first season, he was replaced.  One official account is that he was fired because he refused to forgo his pay rise (standard practice for a show that gets picked up for a second season) and the other is that it was, you know, the drugs.  His career, either way, suffered after this.

I did not find any details relating to his relationships or sexual preferences.  However, anyone who remembers Harry Mudd will remember the character was rather flamboyant.   Roger was also friends with the legendary George Takei.  Make of that what you will.  So, we at the frontier salute you Mr Carmel.  May your memory and performances be cherished for years to come and may many an admirer rub one out thinking about fingering your ass.

That earring also doubled for several planets in Star Trek: TNG

Public sex in the 60's was a much more dignified affair.  The shared a pipe after they both came

Nope.  Nothing racist to see here.  Move Along

"So, tell me again David, you take the belt and you put around your neck and then what?"

"Roger.  Why.  Are.  You laughing?   This.  Is.  Acting. "

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