Sunday, 27 October 2013

He's got a Purdy mouth

Hi there Interpals!  Apologies for not updating this blog last week.  I have been decorating and have only just got my PC all connected back up again.  I am now typing this blog in black, white and purple luxury.  Only ruined by the presence of a farting dog.  OK.  I may have added a couple of farts to the mix as well.

Now that I have painted that beautiful picture for you, I will get on with the business of introducing this week's daddybear god.  Indeed, this man has been known for some time and finally decided now was the time to add him.  

David Ogden Stiers is a well-known American actor.  Probably his most famous role is that of Charles Winchester in M*A*S*H.  But I will be honest, although I would probably have shagged him back then, I didn't really look upon him with lustful desire.  It wasn't until I was watching 'The Dead Zone' that I realised that he had matured into a very gorgeous man.  

For those unfamiliar with the Dead Zone, it was a Stephen King book that was adapted to film by David Cronenberg and starred Christopher Walken and Herbert Lom (who I distinctly remember wanking to in that role).  It is a very good film but it does not star Mr Stiers so don't rush out to watch it if your are expecting his hotness.  Anthony Michael Hall (star of such Eighties classics as Weird Science and National Lampoon's Vacation) resurrected the role for a TV series and David Ogden Stiers took on a newly created role as the mysterious and sexalicious Reverend Eugene Purdy.  Of course, after seeing (and masturbating to) him in this role, I became aware of all the other roles in which he has been a sexy, gorgeous man in.  I think, most importantly, he appeared in Murder She Wrote.  Although I think it was your standard Cabot Cove murder mystery, in my head David Ogden Stier's character was having a wild S&M affair with William Windom's town Doctor.

Those two also share a tenuous link.  William Windom, aside from starring in my porno fantasies, is famously known for his appearance in the original Star Trek.  David Ogden Stiers was the ultimate cock tease in Star Trek TNG.  His character was in love with Deanna Troi's (plank of wood's) mother and they were due to marry.  I had my tissues at the ready and underwear thrown astray as it is the tradition of Betazoids to marry naked.  Alas, the wedding never happened and I was denied his nudity.  The bitch.  He also appeared as the Martian Manhunter in a fucking terrible Justice League movie that is a source of shame for all involved.   

Most importantly, David Ogden Stiers is gay, coming out in 2009 and declaring his love for me.  Well technically he didn't declare his love for me explicitly but if you read between the lines, it's clear.  Look he fucking did.  He's mine - back off bitches!

"According to this script David, you and William try something called 'felching'"

"Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure masturbation..."

"Wait.  Don't send this letter to the press David.  Coming out will wreck your career.  No one needs to know you played Martian Manhunter"

He can keep the waistcoat and the belt on, but all the other clothes need to go

You know what?  Even like this

He also played 'Uncle Phil' in the stage show of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air'

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