Friday, 4 October 2013

Fashion Junkie

I consider myself to be a connoisseur of style.  Not necessarily fashion, but style.  Fashion changes, but style will remain.  Some people have it and some don't.  I happen to have it in abundance.  When I slip on my white tracksuit bottoms, my dark blue crocs and my Level 42 Tour t-shirt  - I know I look good.  Thassright bitches - I know I got it going on. When I pop the collars on my polo shirt, all the ladies and the daddybears better watch out.

OK, so I will admit that I do not follow fashion that closely.  Or style for that matter.  If clothes fit, I tend to wear them.  And I'll wear them until they fall apart.  Sometimes I feel I should turn in my 'gay card', I have no real interest in labels or shopping for clothes.  And being into shopping and clothes labels are like the most important things in being gay.  That and , you know, the whole 'cock' thing.  I do like that bit I have to say.  Maybe I can keep that gay card after all.

Fashion and fashion design is usually associated with gay men though.  As a rule we tend to think of male fashion designers as most likely gay.  Where as a lot of them are camp, a surprisingly high number of them are straight.  Jeff Banks, Wayne Hemmingway, Versace, Steven Seagal - all straight.  And you know what else they have in common?  That's right, none of them are hot bearish men.  It's not a world that I would expect to find a lovely cuddly daddybear in.  Amongst all the size zero's and heroin chic, however, one such cuddlepup exists.

Gianfranco Ferre, who suggested to me by a lovely contributor (who clearly follows fashion more than me!), is chubby, hairy and cute.  I have no idea whether he is straight or gay but I am going to go out on a limb and say 'gay'.  This is based purely on the fact that I will be having sex with him very soon.  He doesn't know this yet but it's totally going to happen.  Anyway, recent scientific research, by Harvard Medical School I believe, has confirmed that all overweight men over 50 are at least bisexual.  I know, I was shocked too but fact is fact.

Gianfranco's message to those who are thinking of voting anything other than 'Whoo Mama' for him

Ferre's greatest talent is to take some of the world's most beautiful women and make them look like Rod Stewart

Gianfranco is all ready to measure my cock.  Haha, I jest.  It's like a baby carrot....wait....ummm....

You'd think I'd just be staring at the hot bear but...that girl's' defies gravity!

Fashion Designer or Physics Teacher?  You decide!

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