Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wild, Wild Life

Everyone nowadays pretty much considers themselves a photographer.  I include myself in this statement, the advent of camera phone effects software has turned everyone's day into a constant stream of oddly coloured pictures detailing every aspect.  Eyes seem to be of particular interest.  People like to take close up pics of one eye.  It's very arty.

Except it isn't.  I instagram pictures, I take exciting shots of my dogs looking sad or my cats or my hubby and then totes effect that shit up.  Making it look all old with Diana or polaroid filters.  Vignetting the edges.  I should release a book.  But it's only when you see what someone with actual talent can do that you are left realising that your pics are not really any better than all those in your photo albums of old.  I kind of miss that we don't really keep photos in physical albums any more.  One of the fun things to do when visiting family is to go through the old pictures and laugh at the way we looked in the 70's and 80's.  All the gold lame jumpsuits, tartan jeans, flat-top hairdos.  Digital records don't really allow for the same fun, the same level of discovery and shared giggles.

Me in 1976.  Holding a dead rat apparently

Anyway, it should now come as no surprise that this week's man is a photographer.  In particular, he photographs wildlife and bayous / swamps.  He's a big ol' daddybear by the name of Clyde Butcher and he is as cute as a button.  Originally from Kansas, he has moved around the states but is most known for his wilderness pics of Florida.  And he knows how to take an awesome picture.  He is also a very keen conservationist.  Oh and he has a big white beard and hot body and I would like him to do some naked photo sessions.  I wonder if he is on Instagram under the #picsbybears tags?  Enjoy

No nude photos but he does tease with a crotch shot

Wait....he has a darkroom??!  I'm totally there....oh...THAT kind of darkroom

Now you're half-assing it.  Swimming pools are not 'Wilderness'!

"Ummmm..I'm not sure but I think the garden may have flooded"

DJ Butcher about to rock this shit!

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