Friday, 9 August 2013

See You, Jimmy!

On my trawls through the internet, I noticed something interesting on Tumblr.  Let's be honest, I notice a lot of 'interesting' things on Tumblr but this wasn't pictures of hot men or cute animals.  In the section underneath the pictures it tells you who liked a picture and who reblogged it and all the rest.  I noticed that Daddybearfrontier had liked pictures and reblogged some.  Imagine my surprise!  Go on - imagine it.  Take a few moments.

After all this time, feeding hot daddybears into this blog, it developed sentience and started looking at pictures on Tumblr all by itself!  We always knew that one day machines would become self-aware.  Films like Terminator and the Matrix predicted all out war but it appears we have nothing to worry about.  Like all highly evolved lifeforms, the machines are content to look at porn on the internet.  Well it's either that or some git lacked all forms of originality and copied the name for their blog.  But that is preposterous.  No-one could be that lame -could they?

Anyway, back to this week's entry and I am offering forward for your pleasure a fellow countryman of mine. Jimmy Yuill is a Scottish actor who has appeared in countless films. TV and stage productions.  The role that he is probably best known for in the UK was that of Inspector Doug Kersey in the detective series 'Wycliffe'.  Jimmy played one the team who aided the titular Wycliffe solve his cases.  Wycliffe was a brave TV show, in that it chose not to go with classically handsome actor for the lead role.  Rather it cast a lime streak of piss to play the central character.  Honestly, if you have never seen this show, be warned.  Wycliffe has the charisma and presence on screen of a used tampon.  Images of his face are used in sleep clinics to knock out some of the more difficult patients who don't respond to sleeping drugs.  So obviously to combat the personality vacuum and, frankly, offensive dullness of his visage, the show decided it would be best to cast a hot-as-fuck little bear next to him to draw in the viewers.  It certainly worked for me.  

I masturbated fairly regularly to Mr Yuill and then Wycliffe went off the air and I kind of forgot about him.  That's what I am like - fickle!  A few years ago, I was watching a football game (proper football) and it was the Scottish Cup final.  Gretna (now defunct) had risen through the ranks of lower divisions to fight their way to the final.  There was a close up of this very hot bearish man in the crowd and I instantly recognised him.  By which I mean, I instantly dropped my trousers and started playing with myself.  Unfortunately, I was watching the game in a bar at the time so I never got to see the rest of the game before being thrown out.

Mr Yuill has been in quite a few productions but you may recognise him from 'The Raven' or 'Ladies in Lavendar'.  In particular, watch the Raven.  He is cute in it and Brendan Gleeson is also bearded in it.  Go buy it and wank away!  

"If you don't tell us where the girl is, I'll bring Inspector Wycliffe in.  One minute of looking at his face and you'll be singing like a bird"

Jam Doughnuts always brought a tear to his eye

Along with working with Kenneth Branagh, Jimmy Yuill also appeared on Scottish soap 'River City'.  Proving that he will do fucking anything for money.

Jimmy Yuill was notorious for getting into every shot possible during the filming of Wycliffe.

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