Saturday, 6 July 2013

Big Damn Bear

Well lookee here!  Two weeks in a row!  I am totally on a roll at the moment.  I better slow down this crazy roller-coaster of bear posts, or the whole internet may collapse.  That is the premise that I am sending in a script to SyFy channel.  It's called Bearmageddon.  Look for it in the spring 2015.

I have been on a serious music trip lately, listening to all kinds of genres.  Everything from Nu-disco like Den Haan, through Electro, industrial, Electro-Swing to Blues.  It is in that final category that this week's man of the moment hails from.  This man appeals to me for many a reason but probably the most overt is his preference for wearing one of my favourite fetishes:  Wifebeater vests.

There is just something about a man in a white vest that sends my pee-pee to Spurty Town.  Now it has to be a proper vest.  A proper, under the shirt, old-fashioned vest.  None of this gym vest, sleeveless t-shirt malarky.  If there is a little bit of food stainage on it, all the better.  A guy stripping off and keeping on his black socks, sock suspenders and white vest is just about the most heavenly thing in my book.  Now you may not agree with that conclusion and that is perfectly fine, we all have different tastes.  But you'd be wrong and I hate you.

Now couple the white vest with braces and we have a winner.  I understand that there may be a language barrier with some of my North American chums here.  I don't think you call them braces in the US, I think you call them suspenders - would that be right?  The straps that go over your shoulder to hold your trousers up?  Suspenders are what ladies wear to keep their tights on.  And some male politicians.  I wanted to be clear in case you thought my fetishes involved men with vests and mechanical head gear for straightening their teeth.  Shouting out 'Ermagherd' in ever increasing volume as their bottoms are ploughed.   Ummm, come to think of it........  no.  No that's not what I meant........

If you like fast paced, country blues then you may be aware of this guy.  Big and hairy and bearded, Josh Peyton is a bear icon in the making.  He performs as Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band.  I struggle to call him 'Rev' as Reverend Horton Heat is the one an only 'Rev'.  However this guy is a lot more fuckable so I may change in time.  He has a voice that is perfectly suited to his style of music but it does take a little getting used to.  I have attached a video at the end if you feel like checking him out.

The pig took the role of Band manager and marketer very seriously

Having your name on your belt is nothing! I have my name written on the labels of all my underpants!

The Rev and washboarder were shocked as the drummer finished off his solo with a loud wet fart

The Rev isn't too happy in this picture.  HE wanted to wear those red boots

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  1. You certainly know how to pick 'em, mog - can I call you 'mog'? Never heard, or heard of, this guy before - and I'm still confused about what language he's singing in (kinda like listening to Scotsmen talk) but I'll take it on faith that he knows what he's talking about. Good musicianship, good performance, good arranging, good video, good editing, good concept - and good choice of bear material, too. I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing you back in action! All of these new postings are just like Christmas morning for me! In a few minutes, after I've enjoyed them all, the only thing left will be a mess to clean up. As I say, just like Christmas morning.