Friday, 9 March 2012

It's all about the personality

Money.  Does it influence how attracted to a guy you are?  I'd like to think not.  I can appreciate a handsome, sexy man regardless of his social status or background.  I'd suck off cute hobos.  Well, you know, some sort of bathing would need to occur first of all but you know what I mean.  A handsome guy is a handsome guy.

But more than that, I feel that I appreciate a greater, less superficial beauty.  The hot men I pass on the street, the guys I blog about here, I appreciate something more than the first impression of raw sexual fuck-piggery.  I see into the their souls, I appreciate a deep and stunning spiritual beauty.  Sometimes, it isn't obvious to everyone.  I try to bring out the longing desire and quiet nobility that these men possess through the blog.  It's not about being shallow, it's about seeing the real men behind the handsome faces and falling in love with their true, intangible charms.  And wanting to fuck them in the ass.

To illustrate this, this week's man captivates me.  Not only does he possess a physical beauty and sexiness, possibly unsurpassed, but his soul and intelligence shine through.  I can see his superb wit and supreme intelligence.  His kind and gentle nature.  Oh and, um, he's worth $69 Billion.  Don't for a moment think that all that wealth is in any way affecting me when I say he is the greatest and smartest and sexist and wonderfulest man ever!

Yeah, that's all shit.  You say through it, you cunning vixens.  Mexican entrepreneur Carlos Slim is indeed a cute and sexy guy.  I am pretty sure he would look stunning naked and strapped into a sling.  With my jizz all over his face.  I can't deny that the money has some allure though.  He recently lost £468 Million in one day on the stock market and it's nothing to him.  It's the same as me losing a £5 out of trouser pocket.  Actually that's not true.  If I lose a £5, I throw a fucking fit.  I could have bought chocolate with it.  I spend the rest of the day wishing death from a freak badminton accident on the imaginary person who was walking behind me and pocketed it.  Anyway, Carlos, I love and respect you more than anyone else on the planet so if you feel like dropping by and planting your balls in my face it would be greatly appreciated.  And feel free to leave a few million on the dresser.

I Love You!

I Love You!

I Love You!

Fashion among the Rich & Powerful is a whimsical beast

There was quiet anticipation as to who from the front row would be the first to lift their top up for the roller coaster photo

"So this is the Met?  I like it.  I'll take two"

Still Love You!

"So I cup the balls with my right hand and run my left hand down the shaft gently"

Just to be clear....I Love You and not your money.  I want to love and cherish and money your money, money.

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