Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Cartoon Daddy

I have been a huge comic book fan for many years.  As a witty and urbane adult, I like to think I have quite a wide appreciation for the all the different genres that are out there.  Golden and Siver Age superheroes, Porn comics, Horror comics, Porn comics, political allegories, Porn comics, psychological explorations and Porn comics.  Occasionally, I also like to read (and write) porn comics.  

Now, my own past with comics is somewhat spotted.  As a child, the first exposure to comics that I had were through Scottish based media.  The Beano, The Dandy, The Broons and Oor Wullie.  Other than all coming from the Dundee area, these comics and cartoons had one other thing in common.  They were shit.  They were never the type of comic you would continue reading into your teens.  In particular the Broons and Oor Wullie should have been enough to cause an extreme phobia of comics for the rest of my life.  Strangely, I read them every Sunday.  I never once cracked a smile or laughed at the horrible, horrible storylines.  I mainly read them as I kept hoping for some form of nudity to slip in.  Many an hour was spent imagining Paw & Grandpa (Broons) and PC Murdoch (Oor Wullie) engaged in a hot public toilet threeway.  I had mature tastes - leave me alone.   In a fit of paternal misguidance, my father saw that I was 'reading' comics and brought home a new title for me to read:  The Misty annual.  Misty was, erm, a girls comics.  It sort of had supernatural themes and normally revolved around young, lovelorn girls in boarding schools.  Thankfully, my mother managed to save the day for me by bringing me a vast collection of american comics that her friend's son was getting rid of.  Daredevil, Power Pack, X Men, Batman, Spiderman and, er, Dazzler.  One comic that wasn't readily available here was 'MAD' magazine.  I used to be able to buy little packs of bubblegum that would have MAD stickers in them but the comic itself was an unknown to me.  However, the collection that my mother had obtained (I still suspect that she broke in, assaulted her friend and stole them) did contain a copy of 'Groo the Wanderer'.   And there is a connection between those last two.  A hot, furry, sexy connection.

Sergio Aragones is a comic artist (dubbed 'the world's fastest cartoonist) and creator of 'Groo the Wanderer'.  However, he is probably best known for his work on MAD magazine.  And unlike many comics, he has just got better and better with age.  He sports an insanely sexy and awesome moustache and has that 'makes-me-cum-in-my-Hulk-underpants' Spanish look.  Born in Spain, he moved to France as a child and then to Mexico.  As an adult, he moved to the US and became one of the most respected cartoonists in the world.  He, as yet, has not produced a porn comic with him as the lead character but I hope and pray that this is on his to-do list.

"Dear Daddybearfrontier, it is with great concern that I note I have not as yet been featured in your blog.  Please rectify this situation as soon as possible!"

"Did you draw this, son?  See, the mistake you are making is picking up a pencil and drawing.  It's fucking atrocious.  Get it out of my sight now"

I love the chest but that shirt is really ruining my boner

I have seen that orange wristband before!  The guys wear them in those porn movies filmed in that Czech Brothel!!  I'm going back to that site right now!

Sergio looks really hot but, to be fair, it would be really hard not too look good sitting next to that


  1. Actually, Mogan, "Misty" was quite a good comic with some genuinely weird stories and quite competent, if not downright good artists. But that's just a side note. My main point is…

    You're absolutely right ! Sergio Aragones is heaven on earth with a moustache ! What more, he's been ultra-drop-dead-gorgeous sexy for quite a while. I was lucky enough to interview him in 1990 and I had to refrain myself the whole time from jumping in his lap. Also he is super extra nice, funny, has a never ending stream of stories and anecdotes to tell...

    AND (this is where your interest in cute daddybears that appeared in obscure movies comes in) he was actually in movies. Sergio's father was a movie director in Mexico, so there was obviously a family link. But Sergio did a few bit parts in movies and in one - you're gonna love this - he plays a gay man ! (At least, that's what I gathered from the info I've got and one pic I've got of what looks like one of his few scenes in the flick). The movie is "Norman, is that you?" and Sergio plays the part of a desk clerk ( The film also has a wikipedia entry :,_Is_That_You%3F

  2. Hi Jeryn
    I didn't want to admit it but I read that 'Misty' annual several times lol. I had seen reference to the fact that Sergio had acted but I didn't know the names of any of his films. I saw that he has an autobiography called 'I killed Marty Feldman' because he suprised him on a film set lol