Monday, 14 November 2011

Finally I found one!

Long time readers of this blog (and not the majority of folk who skip the words and go straight to the pictures) will remember, back in the day, when things seemed so new and innocent, that I visited Switzerland.  I saw quite a few hot Swiss men toddling about the streets but I couldn't for the life of me find a a guy that was in the public eye to put on this blog.  It really was quite annoying.  Damn you Switzerland for fucking up the flow of my blog.  Damn you to hell.

I was indeed worried that readers, who have never been there, may feel that Switzerland is a country devoid of daddybear eye-candy.  Well, I say worried.  It was like it kept me awake or anything.  It's more accurate to say slightly-concerned-but-in-a-not-really-giving-a-shit type of worry.  Swiss chocolate took my worries away.  But to clear up any misconception, Switzerland produced one of the most famous bear pics that I can remember.  Younger readers will find this hard to beleive, but there was once a time where it was very hard to find bear porn on the internet.  I know right?  I mean - what the fuck did people go online for?  Back in the days of dial-up connections (how I miss the soothing sound of my modem connecting), there weren't many places to go to look for images.  And the quality was a little patchy compared to what you get now.  At the time though, seeing any older or bearish guy sans clothing was a delight that tingled in my special place (my penis for those of you wondering).  Anyway, one image was so hot that it has endured and still pops up on bear sites.  And the guy is Swiss.  This guy:

Suddenly I am 21 again, masturbating in front of my computer screen.  Wait....I am actually masturbating!

But I can't post about him, he is not in the public eye as such.  But I will say, he is still stunning looking.  On my internet trawl of hotness, I did come across a daddybear who is in the public eye so I now consider this mission complete.  I should get medals or some shit don't you think?  Andy Rihs is a Swiss businessman who co-founded Sonova Holding AG (which has such exciting and sexy brands such as Phonak, Connect Hearing and Sona) and he is also the owner of the BMC racing team.  Who race bicycles.  Talking of which, you just don't get to see enough big, hairy daddybears in cycling shorts do you?  No, they selfishly make me imagine their crotches and hide in their attic spaces, drilling holes in the floor to catch a sight of their nekkidness.  If they simply wore really tight lycra shorts that left nothing to the imagination, then all the hassle, restraining orders and privacy invasions could be avoided.  Think about it daddybears - it's really a benefit to you too.  Mr Rihs is very attractive with lovely blue eyes.  And money. Not that it matters.  Just saying.

"Yeah, I don't like cycling that much - see you assholes at the finish line!"

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy Macarena!"

Just pan that camera a little further down

Damn it - move that bike out of the way.  This photographer is the ultimate cockblocker!

Not only is this bike so lightweight that he can lift it with one hand, but he can also give you two-fingers at the same time


  1. So you found your Swiss guy hey... You do know he was featured in ALL BEAR issue 6 don't you.

    He is a friend of mine


  2. Ooooh yeah - I certainly remember him from ALL BEAR. He is one of the many men that I have enjoyed in the pages of AB

  3. Please excuse my dimwittedness, but I'm confused by what I've just read here. If Andy Rihs has been featured in ALL BEAR and if he is also a 'friend' of Colin's, does it necessarily follow that Andy Rihs might also be um ... 'available' to mogan should mogan decide to um ... pursue him?

    Just wondering ...

  4. LOL! I know what you mean - it does look kinda confusing. Andy Rihs has not appeared in ALL BEAR and is not a friend of Colin's (as far as I know). Colin was referring the first swiss guy who I put the wee picture of. He lives in Zurich. Very Very cute

  5. Happy you found your man -A friend of mine also :-)


  7. I am fully aware that there are two men featured in the post. If you read it you can see that I state I could not post about Erich (the guy with his top off) as he is not 'in the public eye'. The main guy of the post is Andy Rihs. I was simply posting the picture of Erich to highlight that there are indeed many attractive Swiss daddybears