Sunday, 20 November 2011

Come to Spain. Join in the protest

Before I dispense with my usual highly erotic detailings this week, I'd like to make an appeal on behalf of Daddybearfrontier & Mogancomics.

The world is in turmoil.  People are dying in wars.  Large sections of the Amazon Rainforest are being eradicated each day.  Rioting and police brutality are taking place on the streets.  Economic crisis is making it impossible for poeple to get by.  Justin Bieber is still in the charts.  All of these unspeakably evil and terrifying events besiege us everyday.  The times look dark and we search for some light at the end of the tunnel.  Some candle to lead us out of this darkness and into a bright new tomorrow.  But what can you do?  You could join the protests in the streets, you could give to charities to protect our environment, you could tear down your Justin Bieber swimsuit calendar.  But fuck that.  That all requires lots of effort and stuff.  Isn't there an easier way?  There is. Daddybearfrontier has been nominated as Best Bear Blog / Podcast and Mogancomics has been nominated in the Best Bear Artist category in the annual 'The Complete Bear' Best of Bears.  By clicking on the following link, you could vote me in both categories (ignore the fact that there are better blogs and artists).  Vote for a better tomorrow, vote for a bright future, vote for Daddybearfrontier and Mogancomics.  Well......ok, the vote won't help poverty, environmentalism or Bieber sales in anyway, but it couldn't hurt.  And in the end, isn't that all that matters?

Now to get on with business.  A long time ago, some one suggested a guy to me.  I was really pleased to come across such a cute looking specimen and was determined to feature him.  And then I forgot.  So apologies are due to the lovely contributor who suggested him.  I have masturbated for the last four days and penance and hope you accept this humble act of contrition.  I just have so many emails and I am terrible about deleting them or moving them to personal folders. know...the whole continual masturbation thing really distracts me. 

I have mentioned many a time before that Spain is my favourite country in the world.  It's just the best place.  And it has more than it's fair share of bearish hotness.  Actually, a LOT more than it's fair share.  Hey Spain - stop being greedy dicks and give some of those daddybears to other countries!  Several have featured in this blog before and it is time for another entry.  His name is Jaume Figueras.  He is (was) a Film critic and directed shows such as 'Cinema 3' and 'Cinema Mil'.  Beyond that, I can't tell you much.  Hopefully some helpful people can fill in extra details in the comments.  What I can say is that he is gorgeous.  In the UK, for many years we had a guy called Barry Norman as our primary TV-based Film critic.  I personally hated him.  He was an arrogant, pretentious twat.  He was also not attractive in any way.  This was possibly his greatest flaw.  He has been followed by better critics but none of them have had that crucial 'record, pause and wank' factor that is essential to respecting a person's opinion in my mind.  Spain, on the other hand, had this gorgeous little polar bear with a sexy smile, grace their screens with his presence.  It's not fair.  Movie stars get a lot of perks.  Money, Fame, getting to the front in the queue at Burger King.  And now I find out they got to meet this sexy bastard as well???  It's an outrage.  As a sign of protest, I am starting my own 'Occupy' movement which will involve camping out in his bedroom and bathroom.  I am part of the 99% that have never got to touch Mr Figueras's ass as he walked by.  It might not have any of the more noble intentions of other Occupy movements but disparity is disparity.  Mr Figueras - prepare to be fondled. Vive La Revolution!!!

Jaume Figueras shows his support for the 'Occupy his bedroom' movement.  

Movie Critique: Gangsta Stylee

Headphones are a novel idea to Jaume

It doesn't matter how much you arch your back and push out, those breasts are not going to look any more impressive

I am not sure if this is a watermark or some creepy 'Omen' style warning that Jaume Figueras will cut in two

"This is Jaume Figueras reporting from outside my apartment where hordes of people are refusing to leave my bedroom until they each get several strokes of my bottom. "


  1. Coughs out loud! - I am a self confessed Bieber fan!

  2. Mister Figueras would definitely make me a film fan if I lived in Spain. Or a movie buff, like him.

  3. the people said that you can see a jauma in bar hot in madrid

  4. Awesome blog! I'm spanish and I share with you the same interest in this type of older daddybear(d)s, but I heard , in a radio show, some comments that to think Jaume is a little homophobic.
    I don't remember the exact topic, but 'cause of that, remains in my head a bad impression about him, not only for the hypothetical homophobic thing, also , from that moment, I preserve a bad taste about him.
    Also there are a bunch of histories about chasers that fuck or being fucked by him in a dark room, but they are totally fake, specially those related with the bar HOT in Madrid.
    Really, in Spain there are a lot of older men, with the same or probably identical look that Jaume, similar body structure and face, and some are bi-gay, and some not, it's a challenge to find the good ones.
    I'm surprised to see, the top banner of your blog with Angel de Andres and Dietmar Huhn, surely I can suggest you some spanish (or not) bears of your interest.

  5. Jaume Figueras is gay, in fact. And I mean it.

    1. Thanks for the info Mario. Does that mean you had experience in that area?

  6. Yo lo puedo asegurar, tiene una polla que vuelve loco a cualquiera.