Monday, 17 October 2011

The Face of God

I have mentioned many times before that there are certain men who would not normally appear in this blog.  Not because they aren't attractive, but because they are too well known.  This blog was to highlight the less well-known hot men in the public eye who really deserved the attention (although I'm pretty sure not many of them would thank me for that).  But as time as went on, it has started to feel churlish to not have them here.  It's like having a big Wilford Brimley shaped hole (mmmmmmmmmmm) in the Frontier archives.  However, it is not Wilford that I am posting about.

No - instead I have decided it was time to cave in and post my all time favourite actor.  The delicious and prolific  Richard Riehle.  I suppose what prompted me to change my usual modus operandi was the appearance of a trailer on YouTube.  Long time stalkers, erm, fans of Mr Riehle will know fine well that he has been in quite a few gay-themed films - The Fluffer, Mysterious Skin, The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green to name a few.  However, even I was taken aback to find that he is in Bearcity2.  If you go to YouTube and search for 'Bearcity2 Teaser Trailer' you will find him in all his Riehley goodness.  I didn't post a direct link because it seems to change.  This now makes Bearcity 2 the best film ever.

Richard Riehle, for me, was the successor and possible surpasser (not a word) of Wilford Brimley.  If you have seen an american film, chances are he was in it.  Since his breakout role in Glory in 1989, he has been in more movies than I care to count.  To be fair, a lot of that is because after a few seconds I go to his pictures and spend some 'quality time'.  Apparently he never says no to a role.  That is good to know.  If any of you have a few hundred thousand lying around and feel like making a film, get in touch - I have a great idea for a Scottish remake of 'Last Tango in Paris' (Last Dashing White Sergeant in Motherwell) and I feel Mr Riehle would be perfect for the lead.  I have been in lust with this man for longer than I can remember - but realistically it wasn't until at least 1989.  Sheer daddybear perfection.  He's not really out in the frontier as he is so popular in bear circles but he is welcome to pop by anytime.  I know nothing about his private life, no biography entries go into any detail about his private life.  I will not speculate either.  I am secure in the knowledge that he loves me and is going to marry me soon.  He just doesn't know any of that yet.

Richard Riehle is a tough negotiator when it comes to salary

Richard could only react in horror and disgust when he saw the tie the costume department had given him

"My eyes are up here people!! One track minds the lot of you!"

"And just where the fuck are the french fries?"

Well Hello Sailor!

"It's bad news I'm afraid.'re a woman"

I have more pictures of Richard Riehle than is healthy.  There's only one way to stop me Richard.  And no - I didn't mean a restraining order.


  1. I love him so much too. He's so damn beautiful, handsome and sexy. I wouldn't mind you dedicating an entire blog to him.

  2. Makes me wish I had a few hundred thousand lying around. How about trying to finance your movie on Kickstarter?

  3. I don't know if you ever saw the movie Bear City, but Richard will be in Bear City 2.

  4. This is the greatest thing ever! EVER!!! He must be aware by now he's a chubby bear icon, and he's obviously comfortable with it. Great pics posted too. It's ALWAYS a delight to see this man.

  5. I love this guy so much, i even bought all the movies available which he stars as supporting roles.

    How come his personal life is never shown in tabloid???
    Is he gay? If so does he have a lover?
    Geez he is even hotter than raymond burr

  6. Something new for you to look forward to:

  7. Hi guys, I'm late to the party I know :(

    I just joined this blog because I haven't really met anybody with the same taste as me.


    I too am a massive fan of Wilford Brimley and Richard Riehle, I can never see enough picture of these guys! I loved the vid clip of the Editor (epsecially on 50 seconds! WOW)

    So I was hoping if someone could help me find more pics & vids of these handsome types of actors.

    Here are some more pics of the most handsome men on the planet IMO ;-)

    Craig Stadler

    Jimmy Greaves (This one's a treat for people who are non UK)

    Des Lynham

    Vincent Del Bosque

    John Thaw

    PH Moriarty

    Gerrard Houllier (Unusual choice for me)

    Paul Teutul Sr (The only muscly bear i've ever liked) (He's not looking to good these days :(

    Bob Hoskins (of course)

    Well there's a few, I hope you find at least one you haven't seen before. Now you know my 'excellent' taste :)
    I was hoping someone could share some pics/vids with me???

    I would be most grateful!

    ps - who is that guy in the background?????? :-O

  8. I saw him in Fried Green Tomatos and almost died when I saw that stache!!! Then I recall I saw him in the first episode of Ally McBeal, and I think he was at his daddy peak right then!!! Obviously he is gay, which sort of breaks my heart - why oh why can't I have him just once!!!! Magnificent face, lovely manner, just wish he were furrier.....but I have an engagement ring for him in any case ;-)

  9. Can you tell me what movie he wears red pants(maybe tights) and suspenders? if he's wearing tights i need to see more!

    1. I take it you mean Guray Kip? I don't think it was a film. I think it was just a photo shoot. He used it as his Twitter pic

    2. Oh you mean Richard Riehle. I think it's one of the Deuce Bigalow films