Sunday, 10 July 2011

Two Fantastic Daddies

I may have mentioned it before, I am a fantastic geek.  I know that most of you will find that hard to beleive and had me down more as an extreme-sports, hard-partying, adventurer type..............

Ok then, none of you had trouble thinking of me as a geek.  Swines.  But I am rather picky about how I geek out.  I am a huge fan of science fiction and horror films.  I watch a lot of sci-fi and fantasy TV.  I read a lot of comics books & graphic novels.  I even watch kids cartoons.  However, I have never really gotten into reading science fiction books.  Admittedly, I am not a huge book reader at all but I think there has always been something particular with science fiction books that I had a mental block with.  Mainly their boring, pompous prose.  In someways, there should be no limits to your imagination when coming up with a science fiction story - it could have everything you want.  Except that isn't really the case.  In books, the authors usually explain every aspect of the technology and science to the point where it stifles the imagination.  Although not a book, Star Trek was one of the first offenders here (not including the original series). 

It is strange then, that one of the few books in this genre that I read was the 'Dune trilogy' (I did read the following three as well but they were kind of shitty).  I liked all the interesting names and bullshit.  I liked the almost biblical feel to it.  I liked masturbating over the picture of the author in the back.   Yeah - that was probably a big factor.  Knowing that any kinky sex bits in the book were typed by and came from the mind of this delightful daddybear get me hard.  I even liked the film even though I am fully aware of it's flaws.  I have already mentioned Jeffrey Ford before - another incredibly hot Science Fiction writer.  But as you may have noticed, the heading said 'Two Fantastic Daddies'.  The other is Michael Moorcock, who I haven't read but would like to have seen naked.  In fact, a threesome with Moorcock and Herbert would have been awesome.  Like a big hairy, uber-bearded sandwich.  Moorcock was one of the most influential of writers, largely being responsible for the UK New Wave, which indirectly opened the door for the beard of Alan Moore amongst others. 

Frank Herbert has that cuddly daddy look going for him, especially when his beard is fuller.  Michael Moorcock is slightly rougher looking.  So in our threesome, I think Herbert would be the bottom.  If anyone can photoshop that scenario for me let me know!  First up -

Frank Herbert

Awww.  You are so cute!  Now turn over, bite that pillow and let Moorcock pound your ass


Michael Moorcock

"Well the most suprising thing was when I stuck my dick in Herbert's ass, he cried out 'Kwizach haderach!"

Bow Ties are cool

 Jesus - you could have cleaned up a bit before letting the photographers in

More Fashion!


  1. OK, listen up. Herbert is a known phobe - and the movie that was made of 'Dune' in when? the 1980s? was offensive for me to watch. I don't know who was responsible for making 'the bad guy's' living quarters lavender and then implying that 'the bad guy' sucked something out of the young men he ruined after luring them into those quarters, but I got the message loud and queer, I mean clear, and did not like that message one bit.

    I left the theater depressed and angry - or angry and depressed - take your pick - and never paid attention to either Herbert or anything he's ever written, since. There was some talk of a follow-up to that movie but it was never made, to my knowledge. Good thing.

    And no, I wasn't just imagining things, either.

    This other gentleman, the aptly named Moorcock, is interesting. A few drinks and a toke or two is all you'd need with him. He's got 'yes' written all over his face - and not in code, either. No lavender walls for this guy.

  2. Well, here is the thing. I can't completely argue whether Herbert was a homophobe or not. However, the elements you refer to had nothing to do with him. The whole drinking of the fluids things and lavender color scheme was purely down to David Lynch. Not that I think he is homophobic - just that he likes kinky imagery. There isn't really anything in the first three novels that is overtly homophobic. There is a suggestion that the Baron Harkonnen swings that way, and since is the main bad guy, you could read it as homophobic but then you fall into the trap of all gay characters having to be portrayed in a positive light. In the fourth book however, God Emporer of Dune, The titular character (who apparently knows all) does make some very homophobic comments that really pissed me off. Except for lesbians, he was cool with lesbians. That being said, I cannot say they directly reflected Herbert's own views as the character was also portrayed as insane and essentially the novels bad guy. But, hey, if he was a homophobe, then it makes all the more delicious for me for gay men to make him a daddybear sex symbol - that way he can spin in his grave and we have the last laugh! lol

  3. I find Moorcock hotter and his name has NOTHING to do with it. He is just yummy!