Saturday, 14 May 2011

A little Mexican sauce

Well this has been a dramatic week in blogger land hasn't it?  Last night, Blogger suffered some technical problems resulting in errors appearing when trying to access some blogs.  I think the tumblbeasts were sent over out of spite.  Then, when access did resume, nobody could post (it was all in read-only mode).  Also, any comments added last night have now disappeared.  That means the comment that Richard Riehle left on my blog saying how much he enjoyed my blog and wanted me to fill his hole has now gone.   I am hoping the comments will re-appear but I am not holding my breath.  Richard - please post again.  Or just come by my house.  House, definitely.

It's been a quiet week for me to be honest.  After finishing my new collection on my site, I didn't really want to go near the computer.  Even spotting lovely looking men was sparse this week.  Until today.  As I was walking for the bus home (yes - I take the council wagon) I saw a guy who literally took my breath away.  He was the spitting image of the Australian MP David Campbell that I covered in my blog a while back.  The only differences were that his eyebrows were dark (and therefore, if Internet rumour is to be believed, his pubes are dark as well) and his moustache was a little bushier.  It was all I could do to stop myself from turning around and following him home.  Truly, truly beautiful. 


Ok, I am back from masturbating.  I couldn't help it the minute I thought about him again.  On with business.  I am dipping back into Mexico this week for your perusal.  I like to think of myself like a waiter bringing wine to your table for you taste.  I make recommendations for a full-bodied speciality, you examine, sniff, and roll it around your mouth to see how good it tastes.  If any of you actually do roll any of my suggestions around in your mouth, please send me videos.  Anyway, this week I am focusing on Alejandro Encinas Rodriguez.  And what a beauty to focus on.  To continue with my wine analogy, he is definitely full-bodied, dark, spicy and sun drenched.  I'm sure you would find him a fragrant and pleasing taste, echoing summer and sweaty wrestling, and easily slips down your throat.  And like the very best wines, you can stick your penis in his hole*

*Daddybearfrontier does not advocate sticking your penis in wine bottles.  Although sticking the bottle up your ass is fine.

He is a politician affiliated with the Party of the Democratic Revolution and has a degree in Economics.  What is it with Economics?  He is the third guy I have posted who was qualified in this area.  Why the hell didn't I study that???  It's apparently full of hot guys.  They should just change the name to 'HotBearFurFuckFest 101' and I'd have known to go to those classes.  Again, my only problem with him is that he further destroys my dream that all Mexicans wear wrestling mask all day.  And fight crime.  I grew up on Mondo movies and I don't want that image shattered.  When you look at him, try to imagine him naked, maybe with a light sweat.  He must look stunning naked.  Dark body fur, a nice hairy arse, all his cum soaking into his belly fur, his moist ball sack perched upon his thighs...excuse me I need to go again


Oh My Stars and Garters!  I have finally found a guy MORE shameless about masturbating in public than me!

"Hahaha - I'm sorry.  I appear to have shot cum all over your jacket"

Pictured : Cum Face

"I would like to express my deepest regret for masturbating in front of the crowd at the recent parade of War Veterans, Orphans and Missionary Nuns.  I have been under a lot of stress lately"


  1. AaaaYEEEEEE!!! CaĆ­da de los pantalones AHORA! Vamos a volver loco! More salsa, por favor!

  2. bubbaDaddy loosely translated:

    "I like him!" ;) - or have I misunderstood?