Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Brucie Bonus

Well, I have returned from soaking up all the eye candy I can handle in Prague.  For example, here is a guy that appears in recent advertising posters for a bank in the Czech Republic :

 Yeah - I'll be putting this guy to good use at some point in my artwork

I have noticed something odd about continental fashion that makes it hard to guess which way a guy swings though.  Now, most older daddybear types in Prague (and I am going to guess most of Eastern Europe) do not dress in a way that would strongly indicate any 'wang-in-mouth' leanings.  There tends to be a real penchant for wearing black socks with open-toe sandals.  This is something that is both deeply unfashionable and oddly alluring at the same time.  I don't have any excuse I know.  However, the trendier older male dresses in a way that can be really confusing.  For example, if I saw a 50+ man walking down the road in the UK wearing neatly ironed black jeans with designer shoes, a dark blue sports jacket, a red and white striped shirt and a white cravat / scarf number I would be forgiven for thinking 'Hello Sailor' but in continental Europe it isn't a given.  Italy and Germany - I am looking at you as main offenders in this metrosexual confusion. 

Anyway, I have posted many a man from Eastern Europe on this blog so I thought I would take a break from those hotties this week and look back to the UK .  I do have a particular fondness for featuring men from the past.  Just because they aren't around any more, it doesn't mean I can't appreciate their handsomeness or imagine how great they would look with a cock up their arse and faceful of cum.  I have never been a fan of Sherlock Holmes.  He was an arrogant smart-arse but Dr Watson - he interested me.  The quintessential Dr Watson for me Nigel Bruce.  In reality, it was probably the most unrealistic performance of Dr Watson that there could be.  He was a medical doctor but Bruce's performance was always that of a bumbling fucktard whose primary role consisted of looking flabbergasted and confused.  I mean, seriously, it was like they paired Sherlock Holmes with Homer Simpson.  But he looked the part.  That is exactly how Dr Watson should look.  Screw Jude Law - that was an abomination of a Dr Watson.  Nigel Bruce embodied that Victorian, chubby daddybear look perfectly.  And you know how I like Victorian men.  And frankly, I want him to have all that bluster and confusion as I plow him and wank him into a coma.  Each and every film would have been greatly improved if Dr Watson told Holmes to sod off at the beginning and the rest was spent following Nigel Bruce on a sex-filled investigation to detect the killer.  Yes - even Hound of the Baskervilles.  I said it and I am not taking it back

" use in putting off the lovin'"

"Now, here, Holmes  I won't have it.  It says right here that Jessica Simpson will be bringing out a new album in July.  I won't listen to any more of your preposterous theories"

"Damn it to hell man!  The magnifying glass won't help - we didn't win the lottery and that's the end of it"

"Well I have a deduction of my own, Holmes.  Fuck you - what do you think of that eh?"

" Just stay right there Watson - to solve this crime I'm going to have to shoot my beans up your dirty pipe."


  1. He's ok, I guess, but I like my guys to be meaner, nastier and prone to dole out the grief. Know what I mean? Old Nigel is certainly cute enough - in a winning, lovable way - the same as Hyacinth's Richard Bucket is. You just know that he'd enjoy being serviced, the problem is ... he just can't figure out how to ask for it, in so many words, so he remains hapless and bungling. He could never bark at me and make it sound convincing - and I need a good barking at, on a regular basis, just to know that he cares. Nigel would be too concerned about hurting my feelings rather than hurting the back of my throat. But still ... he'll do, for the moment.

  2. Nigel Bruce is nice but my favorite Watson is still Harold Marion Crawford from the 1954 TV series. So cute!