Friday, 15 April 2011

Red Raw

Phew!  Another week gone already.  It'll soon be Christmas!  I have been busy working on a few paintings for my site and generally lazing around, trawling the web for guys.  It was a combination of my art stuff and the web-trawling that resulted in this week's posting.  In my comic, the fictional town is in the state of Kansas.  Which I don't think is fictional - I'm not sure though.  For a character, I wanted them wearing a jacket for the most local football team. 

So  - off I went on an Internet odyssey to find the appropriate colours for a Kansas High School football team.  As I was looking at the countless pictures of dead-eyed cheerleaders and football helmets, one little image drew my attention.  So here for you delectation is none other that Roger Barta, coach of the Smith Center Kansas High School football team, otherwise known as the Redmen. 

Deliciously cute, and if you look closely you will note that he has a ferociously furry chest.  This is the kind of man I could spend hours with.  Look at him - he is crying out for a good ass-pounding.  Well, he would probably disagree but you have to admit, it's a crying shame that he is not being wanked off and butt-fucked regularly at gay orgies.  In my mind, he has nice low-hanging bollocks - what do you think?  Built for tea-bagging?  I'm not a sporty person but I would have been trying out for the football team constantly if he was the coach at my school.  Admittedly, I might only qualify for the position of 'goalpost' but it would be worth it.  The coach gets naked in the showers with the players after a game right?

"OK Boys, I'm going to look over here, and if my stolen pants should appear then we will say no more about it"

Roger spots one of the players taking his underwear off on the other side of the locker room

The Redmen are famous for having the baggiest shorts in the North America

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  1. The baggy shorts would seem to support your low-hanging bollocks theory. Can't have the boys being distracted when they're doing whatever it is football players in the US are supposed to be doing (I wouldn't know).