Friday, 1 April 2011

A proper dungeon daddybear

Uniform fetishes can come in all sorts of forms.  From the basic cop & fireman to Scots Guards (Kilts) to refuge workers to blue-man group erotica (it is out there if you look for it).  Most European countries are full of historic uniforms - some more sexy than the others

I'm sure that someone, somewhere, is fapping off to this pic right now.....pervert

In the UK, there are several ancient & formal military uniforms to be seen.  Not just military to be honest - have you seen the shit the lawyers over here wear?  Thank god Perry Mason was American or I may have failed to masturbate to Raymond Burr on a weekly basis.  Anyway, a lot of it is connected to royalty, and as I am not a monarchist I cringe at the sight of it.  The most iconic of these are the guards that stand outside of Buckingham Palace and the likes with the bearskin hats and red jackets.  You know the guys - the ones that aren't allowed to move or acknowledge your existence whilst you act like a tit in front of them.  You can pick up a chimpanzee, aim its ass at him, squeeze it and write your name in ape poop across his chest and they can't do anything - go ahead, try it next time you see one.

One rung down on the ladder of icono....icon.....famous royal guard guys are the yeomen.  Sometimes referred to as 'beefeaters' (which is incidentally what I am going to call my Gay Cafe / darkrooms when I open it).  One reason that Yeomen may not rank as highly in the fetish stakes is that the outfit kinda looks stupid.  Less is more people - don't you want people to fantasize about fucking you??  Still, there is a man who has managed to make the outfit extremely sexy.  Chief Yeoman of the Tower of London, John Keohane.  I'll be the first to admit, he would look far better with no clothes on but I actually want to do him whilst he was dressed like that.  If he turned up on a date wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I'd actually be disappointed.  I may be suffering from some sort of mental illness.  Think about it though, and yes I am aware I am rationalising to make myself seem less of a depraved pervert, not only does he look hot in the uniform but he works at the Tower of London - where people would be imprisoned.  You could chain him up inside and slowly peel off that uniform whilst there initiating some form of bare-bottom spanking punishment.  Slings come as standard in the Tower of London right?  

"Yeah - can you cover for us?  Me and Fred are just going to show the new girl some of the cells.  We'll be back in about 20......make that 30 mins"

I am willing to bet he had a boner for this entire photo shoot


  1. Well, if he did have a boner for the entire shoot, he'd be the only one. How can a perfectly good man be ruined by a silly costume? There ought to be a law against this kind of deliberate humiliation. Send him over to see that guy at chairmen and he'll be put right, in no time. I got a good chuckle over the first photo. Did you crop it on purpose to look like it says 'FuR', or was that unconscious? Yes, I know it's supposed to be Elizabeth II Regina. (it is, isn't it?). I'll say this, though; he has the kind of face I want to see when come up for air and look skyward - you know, where God lives? And points for you, too, mogan. Good job - all the way around - today.

  2. I'd love to take credit for the cropping but that was purely an accident. And yeah, he might have been the only one with a boner but I just like that image in my head lol

  3. You meant to say "... in my mouth", didn't you? ;)

  4. Actually, the blue outfit looks a bit naff, but the red one is kind of cute, sorta like a crossing between Santa Claus and a General. Ah, but I can see why you'd rather meet him with no uniform at all.

  5. 'General Claus' starring Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence - coming to a dvd bargain bin christmas 2011 lol