Friday, 11 March 2011

On the piste

I may have mentioned before, I spent some time in Asia visiting various countries.  I am not typically one of these people who goes anywhere to 'find myself' but there is wisdom in all cultures to be found.  In Japan, I learned the ancient art of buying McDonalds whilst avoiding tentacle-rape.  In Singapore, I discovered illicit subcultures who try to coax hapless foreigners into the forbidden world of chewing gum.  Over there, I did learn one ancient and pure truth.  It was revealed to me after I sought out a old, wise man in Korea.  I had to pass many physical and spiritual trials to prove my worthiness but, in the end, a teaching by Sungnang was revealed to me that I have lived by ever since.
"When watching a contest or sport, screw the players - check out the asses of the coaches.  Also, don't kill or murder.  It's bad for the soul or some shit"
                                                                Sungnang, 565 AD, 'Stuff that occurred to me whilst pooping vol.1'

Now I know a lot of you think I totally luck out when surfing around the web.  That is not true at all.  Nearly every guy that I post about is the result of my interests and fascination with human behaviours.  Because I'm such a 'people person' and all that.  As I'm sure you would have guessed about me, one of my primary passions is that of skiing.  Oh I love it so.  The guy standing at the top, the guy moving very quickly on two death-sticks, the guy stopping at the bottom.  I could go on for hours.  I love to ski.  The freezing temperatures, the constant fear of death or injury.  The arseholes great people that you meet.  Not to mention the outfits.  I daren't show you a picture of how good I look in ski-wear as, frankly, you would never be satisfied with any other man after seeing me.

Artist's representation

So, given that skiing and stuff is my absolute passion (well, giving two guys handjobs at the same time in car parks is - it's the same thing essentially), I thought it was time that I shared this guy with you.  His name is Apoloniusz Tajner and he is a former professional skier (is that a word? Ski guy?) and is now Head coach to the Polish national ski team.  I know.  I didn't know they had one either.  Unfortunately, he no longer wears skin-tight lycra outfits that cling to his, doubtless, beautiful cock and balls.  Selfish - that's what that is.  Still, he is exceptionally cute and cuddly.  I can dream about how good he'd look naked.  So now you see how my lifelong passion for skiing has it's benefits.  It certainly wasn't the case that I was busy looking at pictures of some other guy last night, found his face on google, and thought 'Holy shit!  I would fuck his brains out and milk his cock until he was a dried up husk".  Ski - it's great (and totally not a pointless, dangerous way for people with too much money to spend their time).

"Dear Daddybearfrontier, please could you fix it for me to appear in your blog...."

"Hahahaha - did you see the way he tumbled and hit the tree?  What's that?  Like the fourth competitor dead today?"


  1. And all these years I've thought ski was just some dumb expensive way to break an arm or a leg - or both. Obviously, it's not completely useless. Thanks for putting me straight (in a manner of speaking).