Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Some people are born sexy.  Me, for example.  I'll give you a moment to get over throwing up in your mouth.     Bastards.  Others are people that you wouldn't look twice at when they were younger but, out of nowhere, develop an intense shagability.  Me, for example.   Still no?  Seriously - fuck you guys.

The lovely Jeryn reminded me of this Italian beauty recently (my replies to your emails keep bouncing back as 'undelivered' babe).  His name is Paolo Villagio and he is a well known Italian actor and writer.  I did come across a year or so ago, used him as the basis for one of my paintings and then promptly forgot about him.  I have so many folders of hot men that I can get a little side-tracked from time to time.  In some cases, I have the men themselves emailling me, begging me to include them.  I have to keep sending replies stating 'Dear Mr Gandolfini / Mr Goodman / Mr Brimley, I really appreciate the nude webcam shots that you have provided me with but you are too well known for this blog.  Also this is wholesome, safe-for-work blog and I cannot show that cum shot with electro-butt plug pic of yours (Mr Brimley).'

Mr Villagio doesn't quite fit either of the above categories.  Whilst he didn't quite do it for me when he was at the height of his fame, I could tell that he was going to be very fuckable when he got older.  And I was right.  A big thank you to Jeryn for reminding me of this guy.  As far as I know he hasn't done a recent nude scene / sex scene in a film but that doesn't mean he's adverse to showing his body.  You gotta adore a chubby older daddy who is happy to get his top off.  Now, I do think our Paolo is very, very fuckable.  However, his fashion sense can be a little.........eccentric.  Sometimes he's in a nice suit, looking cute.  Unfortunately, sometimes he wears bizarrely colourful print trousers and, even worse, can be seen in public wearing what appears to be an assortment of 'moo moos'.  Fuck, that....that takes some effort to get past.  But I did and he is a very cuddly polar bear when you look past the clothing options.  Obviously, the older a guy gets, the less interested in sex he may become but something about Mr Villagio strikes me that he is still a filthy man in bed.  I would really like to put this premise to the test.

Oh Dear Lord!  You make it difficult Paolo, you really do

Who the fuck dresses you??  Just come out naked, it's what we all want anyway


  1. Points for your Kinks ref.

  2. I do believe he was in an American movie a few yeas ago. Something abuot American kids on vacationin Europe and the guys want top go to a famouse nude beach but when they get there is is just sexy chunky fellas looking to see nude college girls. One of the American girls suddenly joins them and takes off her bathing suit and starts a naked chubby stampede. Paolo's scene is real quick, but thanks to slo-mo you can see a lot!!

  3. I love the imagery of your "naked chubby stampede" and I'd love to actually see one! Just thinking about it makes me chuckle. If one ever happens it'll most likely take place up in the Russian River during one of their Bear Weekends. Can you imagine a thousand chubbybears herded down Main Street, Guerneville and then down the banks and into the river? I'd love to see that.