Friday, 28 January 2011

I'm pretty sure you'll be able to think up a title for this one

Every once in a while, a hot guy comes at you out of leftfield.  I expect to see hot actors, hot politicians, hot writers and businessmen when I trawl through the web.  However, occasionally I am looking at things on the web and genuinely not anticipating anything cute.  When a little piece of hotness appears somewhere on the screen, it's like finding something rare and precious (and hairy and sweaty). 

And so it was with this entry.  In fact, what he turns out to be famous for almost overloaded my tiny, little mind with 'fnarr fnarr nudge-nudge wink-wink' double entrendres.  I was convinced that if I didn't watch my step, this entry would read like a script for a 'Carry On...' film.  And no one wants that.  Ever.

So, this little cutie's name is Sean O'Connor.  Recognise the name?  He's not an actor or politician.  I suppose you could refer to him as a businessman, or as an inventor (genius or visionary may be pushing it unless you are super-keen on the product).  Sean O'Connor is the creator of the 'Batter Blaster'.  You may not be any the wiser after that statement.  Are you too lazy to mix eggs, milk, flour and sugar in a bowl to make pancakes?  Of course you are  - no one wants to fucking bother with that messy shit.  But wait, are you too lazy to even mix batter-mix powder with water or milk?  You are my kind of person.  I salute you dear sir and hope that many a sweet-tasting penis finds it's way to your mouth my day's end.  Well, Sean O'Connor has been thinking of you.  He created pancake batter in a pressurized can that you 'blast' straight onto your frying pan, or hot-plate, or straight into your mouth if you are that way inclined (pig!).

He is a really hot looking guy and it's entirely possible that in a few more years, he may be the sexist guy alive.  There's just something about watching him squirt his hot batter all over the place that I find appealing.  I like to watch him make pancakes as well.  I'm sorry, I tried to resist the puns but I am but a man.  The pressure was too much. 

I have attached a YouTube clip of him chatting about his awesome / slightly disgusting invention.  As cute as he looks in it, the clip is interspersed with various titwanks hamming it up for camera (apart from element guy - who I'd actually fuck if I'm honest).  Ignore these bastards and they will die off.

Ahhh Yeeaaahh!  Squirt that Batter out, you filthy bitch!!!!  Now - eat it!

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