Wednesday, 5 January 2011

First Entry for 2011!

Hello all my Interpals!  I hope Santa was good to you and that your New Year started with lots of big hairy daddybears.  Mine's didn't but that is neither here nor there.  I am now somewhat like a nature presenter.  I can look at the daddies but I don't get to interact with them.  I only get to view from a distance.  Preferably somewhere the police and cctv cameras can't see me masturbating.

So, whilst you are writing 'With Sympathy' cards regarding my sex-life, I will move onto the first gorgeous daddybear of the year.  I first came across him on an episode of 'Modern Family'.  I was rather taken with him so hunted down his details and looked for him on google.  Unfortunately google didn't have a lot on this guy so I  put him away in the box in my head (even that box has cum-stains on it).  Then one day, I was innocently playing on the laptop whilst the TV was on in the background.  There he was.  In an episode of 'Bones'.  Thankfully I could record the episode (thank you Sky +).  His name is Michael Rothhaar and he has been around for a while but it's only in the last few years that he has become so stunningly fuckable.  The reason that this episode of 'Bones' caught my eye (because it really is a shitty show - don't let anyone tell you different - 3D holograms?  In a non-science fiction show?  Really?) is how Michael Rothhaar is dressed.  He appears twice in the episode, both times only wearing a pair of boxer shorts and an open bathrobe.  I apologise if some of the screen captures are not great.  I didn't record the episode in HD.  I apologise profusely.  However, it can give you a flavour of what a hot bear this guy is and then you can go get the blu-ray version of the episode. 

It turns out that he exists in my DVD collection as well but, frankly, I couldn't be arsed hunting through the episodes.  A while ago. I mentioned Alan Scarfe and how older actors are brought in to add gravitas to science fiction shows.  Well, same here.  He has appeared in a season six episode of the X-files, Star Trek - the next generation and disappointingly in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  I say disappointingly because I know the episode and the character he played.  It is not worth going to look for that episode for him.  It's a good episode and all but he looks terrible.  He was clean shaven, wore horn-rimmed glasses, was definitely lighter and looked like the worst kind of nerd.  At no point when I had watched that episode did I think 'you know, give him a few years and I'd suck his balls all night long'.  It goes to show, you never can tell.  Now I need to find a film where he is dressed the same as the episode of 'Bones' only minus the boxer-shorts. 

Dear can those actresses resist pulling those boxers off him?  This is why I am not allowed near film sets


  1. Well, it's about fuckin' time, mogan.

  2. I agree with you about "Bones," my friend...and I agree with you about in...this guy gives me one. WOOF! I've mentioned to you before, you might recall, that I have a thing about beefy, bearded, older men in boxers. SCHWINNNGGGGG!!!!!