Tuesday, 21 December 2010

This one came out of nowhere

I am normally fairly meticulous when it comes to making my posts.  I do a lot of research, stalk the person concerned for a few months, smell their hair when they are asleep etc.  I have a rough schedule that I like to maintain and I did have a man in mind for this week's entry.  But then, then I came across this guy and I decided to make a last minute change.  Why?  Because 'fuck the other guy' that's why.

I was busy doing image research on google - and suprisingly, in this instance, 'image research' does not mean looking at porn.  I wanted an image of someone holding up their hands.  I had typed various combinations into google with no success and then eventually just typed 'Hold Up'.  My eyes were nearly burned from my head with the sheer number of pictures of 'hold-up tights'.  But then one little picture caught my attention.  This one :

After I had finished wiping the cum explosion from my screen, I decided to see if I could find out more about this image.  Who was this gorgeous man ?  Why was he not naked?  And so my evening was spent searching down what I could.  IMDB offered sod all information.  This picture is a scene shot from a short film called 'Hold Up' but it isn't listed on IMDB.  Eventually, I found the actors name - Daniel St. Andrews.  St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland so I take this as a sign that we are to be together.  I am contacting him with this theory and hope to hear back soon.  

He has been in a few short films.  And he is credited with two roles in full length films - as 'Suit' in 'Girlfriend Experience' (?) and as 'Train Passenger' in 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'.  Now I have seen the latter but I must have been too horrified by the desecration of the original that was unfolding on screen to notice this man.  And that is not like me at all.  I may, and I stress the 'may', have to watch it again to see if I can spot him.  Here are some pictures of the guy but he looks his best in the afore mentioned short film.  So guess what?  Yes you lucky people.  The short is here too, from YouTube.  And christ-on-a-bike, he is fucking stunning looking in it.  And he has a hot, gruff voice.  And I want to bang his ass all night long...........although you probably didn't need to know that last bit.  Just pretend you didn't read that.  Anyway, I highly recommend you watch this wee film as it takes a brilliant turn halfway through and it made all my dreams come true!

He looks slimmer in these pictures but in the film - that's who I want to share a cell with


  1. What the fuck? Will declares his love for Frank, and Frank admits that the feeling is mutual, but Will has to deal with life without Frank, because Frank goes to jail? What the fuck? That's just so wrong!

  2. Shouldn't Will have said ... two one-way tickets to Fiji for you and ME instead of you and I?

    RULE OF THUMB: Never trust a scriptwriter who also casts herself as 'The Waitress'.

    And then there's the bad acting - or is it the bad script? Or both? Is it that the bad acting is making the script look bad or the bad script making the acting look bad? I can't tell - and it's so confusing.

    Also, what's with the 'nylon-stocking-over-smooshed-face' bit? Does anybody really think that it disguises anything? Even the waitress wasn't fooled and she wrote the damned thing - although, come to think of it, Dan would sure look good wearing it while I gobbled him up. He could even hold the gun and growl at me while I did it.

    You've really come a long, long way since your Burl Ives disaster, Mogan. I'm even beginning to respect you again. Dan is a good choice and an excellent find; he's fat,furry,cuddly and cruel - just the way I like 'em.

    I hope you have a merry Xmas - or whatever it is you people do in Scotland.

  3. It's true though isn't it? If someone pulls a nylon stocking over their head, they look like Bob Hoskins lol

  4. Excelente! Disfruté mucho las fotos de este actor. Gracias por publicarlas. Saludos.