Sunday, 12 December 2010

Down Mexico Way

At this time of year, I feel it is appropriate for us to turn our thoughts to Jesus.  I know what you are thinking.  Jesus wasn't a daddybear - he was only 33 when he died and anyway he looked like Jim Caviezel / Robert Powell  / Barry Gibb  (my money would be on the last one).  Well, obviously no he wasn't a daddybear.  I am talking about a different Jesus.  From a daddybear perspective - A Jesus you would want to have lots of imagery of in his pants.

I am speaking of Mexican actor Jesus Ochoa.  If you are familiar with Mexican cinema you will know him very well.  If not, you may still recognise him from such films as 'Man on Fire' and 'Quantum of Solace'.  Mostly seen with some form of facial hair he has a sexy grubbiness about him I find irresistible.  And my god is he furry.  And best of all, if you are a religious person, you can legitimately call out 'Ohhhh JESUS!' when he stuck his cock in your ass without feeling sacrilegious.  The fun you could have with statements like 'Jesus came all over my face last night' or 'Jesus loves to have his asshole licked' and know that you are not going straight to hell.  Except that he's straight - damn.  I'll let his pictures speak for themselves but if you want to see more - he looked especially hot in the army outfit in 'Quantum of Solace'.  If you are curious about the picture from 'Man on Fire' where Denzel Washington has him tied to the front of a car in his underwear, Denzel pulls his underwear down, spanks him then fucks him in front of his neighbours.  Ok that's a lie but it would have been nice.

I have also attached a clip of when he appeared on a Mexican chat show.  I have no idea why he is wearing a baseball outfit but it is hot.  The clip interested me because the audience appears to be dead.  As the host bravely makes his jokes and chats to Jesus, not a single sound can be heard.  Either that or Mexican audiences could not give a fuck about Jesus Ochoa.

Jesus Ochoa has a pathological fear of Mobile Phones


  1. So who cares what he's saying - I'm not gonna suck his mouth. Just so long as sits in that big CHAIR with his LEGS OPEN, his bat prominently displayed and that big, happy, Mexican smile on his face, I'll be in slurpy snog-heaven for hours and that other guy - the host of the show - will just have to wait his turn. (Be patient; I can only handle one at a time. You're NEXT; trust me.)

    Ok, Mogan; this one makes up for that last sorry offering. You've been given a reprieve. :)

  2. Oh, and the cap he's wearing seems to refer to a city in the Mexican state of Sonora. The Boston shirt is for the Boston Red Sox - a major league baseball team - just in case anybody was wondering.

  3. This man is a MAJOR woofer! After I saw "Man On Fire," I had to know more about this amazingly sexy fellow, so I Googled him. (I wanted to do more, but I had to settle for Googling.) I learned a bit about him, but did not find what I was looking for, still images of the car hood (bonnet)scene from "Man On Fire." You didn't mention to the uninitiated that when Denzel's character had Jesus' character bound over the car in his underwear, Jesus was also wearing his dress shoes, and black socks held up by shin garters, which are a particular fetish of mine. any shots that show the garters? Having a big, hairy, burly Daddyman in boxers, shoes, socks, and garters is one of the few fantasies I have not yet experienced in real life. I send monstrous, howling WOOFS out to Jesus Ochoa. What a MAN!!

  4. He born in the city i! is a very good actor... in the past, there was a rumour about him and a friend of him... the people sayd they was in a relationship... his friend was assainated by 2 homophobics guy... was avery sad story

  5. hi

    I love Chucho (Jesus Ochoa). If you want to see a little more and how sexy he is take a look to this video. I do not like Alejandro Fernandez and his music but well..


  6. @MexSenior - OMG! He looks fantastic in that - and quite a mover!