Tuesday, 23 November 2010

If you feel like helping out...

This is an urgent appeal.  Everday, millions of people live without ever looking at paintings of naked bears and chubs.  They have to survive without the simple pleasures that you take for granted.  But you can help change their lives.  You can make a difference.  I have been nominated by The Complete Bear as Best Bear Artist (for  I am asking for your help and your vote.  Please take a few seconds out of your day of staring at hot naked daddies, go the following link and vote for Mogan in the Best Bear Artist Category.  It doesn't cost you anything, you don't need to register with the site and you could help this poor scribbler get rich and famous enough to develop a crippling gambling and drug addiction (not really but recognition can't hurt).  Also, a vote for me is a vote for democracy and helping babies with carpal tunnel syndrome.  Give those poor homeless people and mistaken straight daddybears something to masturbate about - drawings of naked bears.

Thank you.  You have it in you to help other look at naked chubs.  Do it today.


  1. Just did. Hope the straight bear daddies and the people with carpal tunnel syndrome appreciate it. Especially the straight bear daddies.

  2. So do I Jean-Paul. It breaks my heart that there are so many daddybears being deprived of free blow-jobs because they don't know where to look. Thanks pal.