Thursday, 30 September 2010

Just in case you wandered by

If you have popped by lately and have been noticing the lack of updates this is not entirely my fault.  I have tried to make posts a few times but there seems to be problems with blogger.  I am not able to upload any pictures - it just freezes and give me broken jpeg pics.  Hmmmm.  Hopefully it will be sorted soon and I get some more on up here - or this could be the end of this blog.  Not that anyone will care that much - there are far more porntastic blogs than this one!  Hopefully you'll hear from me soon!

1 comment:

  1. I happened by your site here, originally looking for pictures of Brendan Gleason taking a piss in his underwear in the movie Lake Placid, and have been thoroughly entertained. I'm fantasizing about having conversation with you while sitting in front of the fireplace giving you a foot rub. ...You have a fan in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. Roger. Im definitely "Bookmarking" your place. ;)