Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Good Looker - shame about the occupation

Priests are a funny thing.  On one hand, they represent pretty much everything I hate (intolerance, homophobia, child abuse conspiracy cover-ups frankincense), but on the other hand - the outfit is pretty fucking sexy.  That all black number (do we have confirmation of whether the underpants are black?) is very erotic.  Plus there is all that (theoretical) celibacy thing that give them a certain mystique.  Like you would be deflowering them.  Awesome.

But have you noticed that whenever you read about some priest having it off with some local spinster / widow / church helper / horse, they are never that attractive?  Where are all the hot daddybear priests working their way through their parishioners??  Well unfortunately I haven't found one for you.  Sorry.  Bit I did find a very tasty looking one that you could fantasize about.  Dominik Duka is the current Archbishop of Prague and is smokin'!  He looks like he just stepped out of a Hutch painting.  Given his high position, it's unlikely that we will ever get leaked sex tapes of him but I can dream - and I do - A LOT!  If you like the priest outfit, you'll be very happy with the pics.  If you don't, just imagine him naked.  If you have an issue with priests (given the churches stance on homosexuality) - just imagine how much it'll piss them all off if one of their archbishops becomes a gay sex symbol :-). 

'Hey! How You Doin'?  Enjoy the Show!'
'I'm a gay what????'
'And now let us pray.  Dear Lord, please may Halo:Reach suck ass, so that the X-Box users may find the light and buy PS3s.  Amen'


  1. You can tell by the look in his eyes, this man is getting some. C'mon. Am I right?

  2. You could be right lol. Especially that really cheeky looking pic