Saturday, 24 July 2010

Honest Injun

I feel like we know each other well enough, you and me, for me to ask the question - would I lie to you??  Come on.  Me?  No way.  After all we have been through together?  You know I wouldn't spend 1 and a half hours playing on Photoshop to create a couple of fake images.  The problem with a blog such as mine is that there is no point in talking about the more famous daddybears.  I'm highly unlikely to have any pictures of, say, James Gandolfini that you haven't seen already.  And I am sure that most of you probably know a lot more about him than I do.  Now there are plenty of stupendous guys out there to talk about so I have no shortage of material, but quite frankly all I want to do is look at Wilford Brimley and Richard Riehle.  Everyone has their favourites and they are mine (and Trevor Cooper but I did sneak him in here).  But wait..............what is this I spy?  It looks like two pictures of my favourite men that I could post!  And I didn't just photoshop them a few minutes ago - matching colour, blurring, smudging, painting on hair.  No siree.  Not I.

First up - Wilford Brimley.  This is a very rare picture I am sharing with you.  For a long time, I have been a member of the 'Wilf-keteers'.  It's a bit like the 'Mouseketeers' only with less emphasis on cartoons and dancing and more emphasis on oatmeal and 'diabeetus'.  This photo is in the joining pack that you receive.  Along with a special edition version of 'Cocoon' that has Steve Gutenberg entirely removed so that your viewing pleasure is not ruined.  Every six months, I receive a newsletter updating me on all the latest news (it's called 'Full to the Brim').  The most recent had an interview where he discussed how much he enjoyed working on 'Did you hear about the Morgans?' with Sarah Jessica Parker as he loves horses.

"If you upgrade to platinum membership, I take these pants off"

Secondly I have a picture of Richard Riehle.  No, silly billy, this didn't come from a fan club.  An it most certainly isn't fake.  As if!  No - it's simply one that he let me take last time he was in my house (a couple of weeks ago now).  If the picture isn't the best quality it's simply because I was soooo tired when taking it.  I tell ya - Richard Riehle is an unstoppable sex machine.  Every position imaginable.  It's ridiculous - I'm lying there thinking "Will this pleasure never end???".  Anyway.  Here he is - minutes before round 2.

"No - Richard - I know that look.  Not again!!  I need sleep and water!"


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  2. Now, if these two pics had been genuine, I would definitely have voted them "Whoo Mama!" they're Photoshop fakes, but that's alright. After all, they're nice fantasies. I wouldn't mind bein' between Rich and Wil in a man sandwich. Go ahead...slather me up with mayonnaise and gimme those two sweet pickles! Seein' as how each of these guys is way high on my list, I just might have a picture or two of these sexy fellows that you don't have. I'd gladly send 'em to ya, if you'd like to see what I have. Mogan, ya done got my imagination whirlin', so I just might have to whip it out and start jerkin' the gherkin.

  3. I'll happily accept any and all pics of Richard & Wilford. OK, you saw through my subtle rouse lol. Photoshop manipulation is not by forte but very little on this blog should ever be taken seriously lol

  4. Please send me as many pics of these two as you have. I adore both actors. I just bought a DVD of a short-lived series called "Ned Blessing," in which Riehle's character is sitting in a makeshift bath house with nothing but a towel around his lap. Wonderful eye candy, dark though the scene is.