Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A world of burly daddies

Ahoy!!!  Being the international blogger that I am, I am currently in an overly warm hotel room in Prague as I type this post.  When chasers and admirers are little, they are told of a mythical land where daddybears roam the land and moustaches are king.  Well babies, that place is real and it's Prague.  Don't get me wrong, I love clean shaven daddies and I adore beards but 'taches have a special place in my ickle heart.  They just say a certain something about the guy who grew it.  Something that I cannot put into words but connects with me on a very spiritual and emotional (and erectile) way.  Everywhere I turn there is some supremely hot chubby daddy with either a beard or big bushy moustache.  It's ridiculous how many there are here.  You see street sweepers in the early hours of the morning sweeping up large piles of daddybears that were just lying around the street.  I have passed out four times already due to lack of blood flow to the brain.  Of course, by the simple fact that I found these men attractive they are straight.  Some of them may have been gay before I arrived but the moment I noticed them they instantly decided they wanted to dive into some muff and renounce cock forever.  So as I am in Prague, I thought I would post a very cute daddy from the Czech Republic.  His name is Jan Werich.  He was a famous actor and playwright here.  He was based in the US briefly during WWII but returned to Czechoslovakia after that.  I'm not going to pretend I know a whole lot about his plays.  He was apparently anti-totalitarian in his politics so being in Czechoslovakia after WWII could not have been the best place for him.  I was looking for a particular picture of him where he has a light moustache and is wearing a suit and carrying a camera but I was unable to locate it online - he looked adorable in it.  Still, I hope you enjoy the pics I could find.  The fun I could have had simply wanking him off...sigh.....



  1. Jan Werich definitely was a hunk.
    I am from Prague and hope you enjoy the trip here!:)

  2. The third to last pic (in costume) is from a 1961 movie by the great Czech director Karel Zeman called "Baron Prasil" in the original (with some added accents I can't reproduce here). The English title is "The Fabulous Baron Munchausen". I have a copy of this movie so I'll definitely pay close attention next time I'm watching it. Jan Werich was gorgeous.

  3. Here's some hot royal Werich action :)