Sunday, 13 June 2010

A silver lining on a very dark cloud

The Oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico has been a truly horrible environmental disaster.  There are times when you feel that it wouldn't be the worst thing if all human life on earth was wiped out and the earth and the other indigenous life-forms of this planet could get on in peace.  Obviously when I am saying 'all human life', I am not including myself, all the hot daddybears in the world and - of course - you my dear interpals.

If there is one positive that I can take out of this terrible event, it is the presence of the US Coastguard Admiral, Thad Allen.  I know I should only be caring about the environmental effects but when he came on TV, my mind suddenly switched from being upset for animals to thoughts of anal penetration.  Nice and manly, he looks like he would be a filthy whore in bed.  A real 'spank my ass and call me bitch' kind of guy.  A man in uniform is never a bad thing and I think he would look better out of it.  It almost makes me want more environmental disasters in his area.  I do say Almost.  But I would rather show how effective I can be at stemming the flow from a streaming pipe and collecting it's contents in my mouth.

Much to the shock of the onlookers, Thad Allen had forgotten he was wearing 'bumless chaps' that day

Honestly.  Who isn't looking at his wife and thinking 'What a waste'?


  1. Yep, I saw this guy on TV and thought I'd see him on DaddyBearFrontier!

  2. Ha ha. God you make me feel so predictable lol.

  3. BTW...just revamped DaddyBearWatch. Let me know what you think.

  4. Sorry, but I saw him first and YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM!
    Go do a sniff 'n' snog on Taft and I'll take care of the Admiral. Besides, he's stationed right near where I live. Snog THAT.

  5. Oh yeah! That's the ticket. Bet he looks good with hit dress blue trousers slidin' slowly over his hips and down to a puddle around his ankles. Hmmm...boxers...NICE!

  6. wow alabubba - you have certainly given me something to think about. Often lol