Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I'm not the best at social networking (or anything involving the word 'social') if I'm honest so I'm rather slow and late to the game on this one.  I have set up a Facebook site for Mogancomics to see if I garner more interest than the lame dog and mad woman who have visited my site previously.  If you are at all interested and on Facebook, the address is :!/pages/mogancomics/124873577525779?ref=ts

You can even click to say you 'like' which apparently used to be clicking to become a fan.  I would really like to see you there - and yes I'm talking to you specifically.  None of the other people who read this blog matter - just you.  If enough people show interest, I may start putting images up that are for Facebook only.  How's that for a tasty carrot :-)

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