Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Biker Actor in shaving lovely beard shock!

Sorry, I came over all 'tabloid' there in the vain attempt to grab attention.  Many thanks to 'hornybottom' who pointed me in the direction of this actor.  His name is J. Michael Oliva and he seems to be a Hollywood go-to guy for hoary old biker and hoary old cowboy roles.  Not that I am complaining, I like my bikers and cowboys hoary (and whorey).  Similar to Larry Udy's resume, his acting credits are littered with roles like 'Man' and 'Bartender' but he does seem to be gathering some pace.  His latest role is playing a character called 'Bear' in the Jeff Bridges film 'Crazy Heart'.  A big fan of his Harley Davidson, he does talk often about his love of straddling his 'Fat Boy' and riding for hours.   fhjaklfa.  Sorry, I drooled a little bit at the mental image that sentence provoked and my fingers slipped on the keyboard (towards my pants).  Now I would say he has a 'burly' build - he has magnificent arms.  Some may say 'chubby' - he definitely has a nice belly.  I wouldn't think to describe him as 'athletic' - which is what he has put on his IMDB resume.  Although, I'm one to talk - I'm out of breath and having chest palpitations just typing.  I am a big fan of the big beard he had, not so much the shorter goatee thing he has going on now.  But let's be honest interpals, it's not a deal breaker.  When my only other option is my blow-up doll with Alan Scarfe's face pasted on (I couldn't get a blow-up man doll, so his face is on a blow-up sheep), I can't afford to be picky.  One bad thing about him...  He was in 'Wild Hogs'.  But he will burn in the ninth circle of hell for that later so for now let's hope he gets nude roles.  Paging Peter Greenaway...



  1. He is yummy! The full-beard version is great but I find the goateed version kind of neat in a Burl Ives sort of way.

  2. Sexy as hell and Im opting for the big, bushy beard.