Sunday, 9 May 2010

Steve Eastin

An actor who could give James Gandolfini a run for his money in 'rough, mean looking daddy' stakes is Steve Eastin.  He has been in shitloads of things.  He pops up in occasional episodes of TV shows such as 'Cold Case' and 'Without a Trace', but is more likely to ring bells with you from his film appearances.  Most notably 'Field of Dreams', 'Con Air' and 'Catch me if you can'.  He's got that look about him that if he approached you in a bar and told you that he wanted to fuck your brains and piss all over you, you'd let him do it.  Even if you're a top and not into watersports.  Incredibly hot, but also scary enough looking that I wouldn't refuse him anything for fear of my life.  He runs his own acting school, 'The Steve Eastin Studio' with his own unique approach to acting.  It works for him - it's all about being in the moment.  I am thinking of joining and asking his help re-enacting key scenes from 'Brokeback Mountain'.  My original choice was 'Cum-Eaters Fuck Party Vol.2' but I thought he might see through that rouse.


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  2. The way to do it would be to say that in order to become a better actor you needed to face some 'trust' issues that involved - but were not limited to: accepting and obeying male authority figures, taking orders and commands from superiors, learning how to be inferior and servile, learning how to let go of your need to control everything and finally, with a deep gulp and a contrived look of shame, learning how to contact and navigate your "feminine" side.

    Begin stroking his actor's narcisism ego by telling him that his natural leadership skills, imposing presence, charisma and command were the decisive factors in choosing him for the (admittedly difficult) job.

    Finally - and only after you're confident that you've clinched the deal - let it slip that you've got some serious arch problems and so you'd prefer to take instruction in either a sitting or a kneeling position (don't forget to buy knee pads; consult your local gardening center)

    That should work!

  3. Why not just offer to buy him a drink? I don't think he has a lover now.

  4. Well I wasn't aware that he swung that way. Is this just a rumour? I live about 5000 miles away from him so buying a drink would be an expensive venture lol