Thursday, 29 April 2010

OK, Now I'm stumped

I have to thank contributer Dred for bringing this guy to my attention.  A little YouTube clip fell into my mailbox of this incredibly hot guy.  Upon further investigation, I feel I have entered a David Lynch-ian nightmare world.  For those of you who have never come across this guy on YouTube, his name is Kari Tykklainen and he is a Finnish sculptor and comedian.  Seriously, I have never uttered the phrase 'What the fuck?' quite as often as I did watching his clips but, damn it, if I didn't start enjoying them.  They aren't really funny in the traditional sense, they are unbelievably surreal.  Kind of like Fellini mixed with Dali and a touch of Tinto Brass.  For me, he has a SMOKIN' hot body and I love the big biker beard.  But be careful if watching any close up clips where he might open his mouth.  He is the proud owner of the worst teeth since Shane McGowan.  I say teeth as I have only spotted two.  If you don't know who Shane McGowan is then suffice to say we are in three-nippled cousin fucker territory with the teeth.  I have been suspecting for some time now that 'bat-shit crazy' is a common way of life in Finland and this guy is the latest to confirm it.  I have a couple of his videos here but it is definitely worth  checking him out on YouTube as he takes his shirt off a lot.  Sometimes all he has on are teeny speedo things.  Unfortunately straight.  His username on YouTube is 'tykylevits'.  Don't take any drugs watching these clips, seriously this could fuck you up. F'reals!

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