Thursday, 22 April 2010

A little cuddly pup

Again, this guy will be well known to those who search for cuddly daddybears in films but he's not as adored as he should be.  Donovan Scott first really came to worldwide fame in the hard-hitting crime drama 'Police Academy'.  To be honest, that film probably pretty much sealed his fate as an actor who was NEVER going to hit the big time.  I actually have a serious allergic reaction to Steve Guttenberg's shit-eating grin.  Many a TV has prematurely met its end because that cheesy little shite appeared on it.  He almost (I say almost) stops me masturbating over 'Cocoon'.  Anyway, back to Mr Scott.  He was kinda  cute, in a young chub kinda way, in that film but didn't blow me away.  Later I saw him in a small role in Psycho III and thought Wow! but never put two and two together.  He has managed to become more and more gorgeous with each passing year.  Not only is he a lovely shape and tend to have lovely facial hair, he has the sweetest face I have ever seen.  His eyebrows are adorable for fuck sake.  Now I have snagged some pics from an episode of Babylon 5 (don't look at me like that) in which he is very cute indeed, although he did do a horrible English accent in it.  I blame the show's creator for that.  I have no doubt that there are better roles where he looked even more fuckable but I don't have them.  If anyone knows of any films where he is masturbating naked in the shower, please let me know.  I have attached not one but two, count 'em, two clips of him.  One where he is talking about his role in Psycho III and his now legendary role in the advert for Progressive Insurance where he is testicle-explodingly hot.

Donovan Scott enjoying a light beer.  Geddit?  A Light beer.  cos its lit...oh forget it


  1. Very hot man. And I thought I was the only one who jacked off during Cocoon! Brimley's only gotten hotter since then.

  2. Nah, you can have him. Leaves me cold; not enough testosterone leaking out. Merv's the guy.

    By the way, who knew that they had Progressive ads in the UK?

  3. Yes, yes, yes...I have always had a stiffy over Donovan Scott!