Saturday, 6 March 2010

Somethings just get better with age

I pretty much grew up with Alexi Sayle on my television screens and, for most of it, I couldn't stand him.  His anarchic brand of humour was a little too much most of the time, his deliberately ill-fitting suits did him no favours.  A Liverpudlian comedian, he pretty much came to prominence through shows like 'the Young Ones' where he played the landlord (one of the weakest parts of that show).  He came centre-stage with his 'comedy' song "Hello John, Got a New Motor" which anyone outside of the UK is unlikely to have heard of.  But then a funny thing happened.  He started to display an amazing ability to be hairy.  Some may remember him from the Kathleen Turner / Michael Douglas sequel "The Jewel in the Nile" where he played the car-crazy Sultan.  Over time his humour mellowed (slightly) and I did start to find a lot of his stuff funny.  Doing what most of the UK comedians of that time have done, he branched out into 'serious' acting and writing novels.  Although possibly not to the same level of acclaim as his contemporaries (Stephen Fry).  But on the plus side, he has certainly developed into the most fuckable of them.  Chubby, usually with a nice thick grey beard, Alexi Sayle is pretty gorgeous.  I can even put up with the Liverpool accent.  I could always gag him.   Now there's a nice thought.

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