Thursday, 11 March 2010

A slice of Texan beef

I know many people will have happily wanked off to him , but Barry Corbin really doesn't get the recognition he deserves as hot daddy / bearish actor.  He hardly ever appears in bear/ daddy blogs or websites and I honestly cannot work out why.  He looks hot when he is clean-shaven (he was just poured into that military uniform in WarGames) and he is close to perfection when he has a tache or a beard.  And uniforms seem to play a big part in his career - I've lost count of the number of Sheriffs he has played.  He has that sexy Texan accent, gorgeous eyes, extremely nice body - am I alone in liking him?  If I am, so be it.  I will happily camp out between his legs with my face pressed against his crotch and I won't have to share it with anyone lol.  If you do like him, you really need to check out  The sheer number of hot photos on that site will leave you with severe repetitive strain injury of the wrist and severe chaffing of the penis.  Seriously, how good must his crotch smell?  If I go on, I'll just keep coming back to that thought.

1 comment:

  1. You're definitely not alone. I've had a boner for him since seeing him on Northern Exposure. Always nice to see him pop up in movies from time to time (like No Country For Old Men).