Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I have to say it.....WOOF

Timothy West is a very well respected English actor who is best known for scenery-chewing TV roles and his performances on stage (notably Shakespeare).  More importantly, he looks fantastic with a beard.  No doubt all his acting awards pale into insignificance now that he has been mentioned on a blog for just how fucking good he would look naked.  I have to say, without the beard, he really isn't that good looking so it goes to show what a good bit of facial fuzz can do for a man.  He usually plays very domineering, shouty roles that allow him to scowl a lot with those fantastic eyebrows.  He could SO order me to do him in a sling.  I'd feel compelled.  Of course he wouldn't be likely to so Chloroform is always an option lol.

There is nothing about this look that I don't like

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