Thursday, 25 March 2010

Finally! A Gay One!

Since about 99.9% of the men I find attractive are straight (or at least not openly gay) it can get rather disheartening to watch the 'parade of things I can't have'.  So, when I do come across a daddybear who is actually gay it restores my faith.  The man in question is Gary Floyd.  Gary first came to prominence in the punk band 'The Dicks' who courted controversy with songs such as 'Dicks Hate the Police' and 'Off Duty Sailor' displaying leftist ideals and homosexual viewpoints.  The Dicks have split up and reformed and in between Gary has formed bands such as Sister Double Happiness (blues-type music), Black Kali Ma (Hard Rock) and 'The Buddha Brothers' (neo-bluegrass).  An openly gay punk singer is cool enough but for him to be a hairy chub as well is just heaven.  You just know that he had to hear 'Pink Floyd' jokes about a million times.  Now some pics of him in his more recent years are not so fantastic - he seemed to go through a 'slim' period and I am not sure if that has ended or if that is still the case.  Needless to say, I have stuck with the chubby images.  'Cute as a button' is how I would describe him as, despite being an old punk, he looks insanely cuddly.

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