Friday, 19 March 2010

Best Moustache in Showbiz!

There are a lot of contenders for that title.  Wilford Brimley and Richard Riehle come very high on my list, but Dick Strawbridge might just have this title in the bag.  For those who have never heard of Mr Strawbridge, he is primarily a TV presenter with strong interests in Engineering and Environmentalism.  First coming to prominence on shows like 'Scrapheap Challenge' and 'Junkyard Wars' he got to show off his engineering skills and moustache whilst wearing overalls and being covered in oil.  Yum.  He has since went on to host TV shows such as 'It's not easy being Green' and 'Coast'.  He has a spectacular 'tache that would tickle in all the right places (you know what I mean ... you do don't you?  Oh for god's sake, whilst he was eating out your ass - do keep up).  He has the perfect face for a moustache and has that slightly Victorian look that I just love.  He looks to just be average build when you see him on his own in photos, but when you see him next to people you realize he's actually quite a chubby puppy.  And he has a nice hairy chest as well.  So here's a question.  Would his moustache look best a) wrapped around a cock or b) covered in jizz?  I can't decide.  I'm thinking of writing to him to see if he'll help me decide.

Dick Strawbridge like nothing better than to be surrounded by cocks

I was going to put a 'gobble' joke in here but then I realized that not everyone knows that's slang for a blow job


  1. Yup, he's another one. He'll do. No need to audition him; he's already got the job.

  2. OMG, isn't he a beautiful bear? Just watched celeb masterchef final and kept wishing he would cook up a storm in my kitchen.... been looking for pics of him on the net would love to see him topless at the very least!

  3. Oh, yes, he is a real good Daddy... and bear.