Monday, 22 February 2010

You gotta love a man who can cook

I was idly channel-hopping the other day when for some unknown reason I stopped at 'Masterchef : Australia'.  I have no idea why I left this on as I really hate reality based TV and could not care less about chefs.  However, I was certainly glad I did.  If you haven't seen him already, let me introduce Trevor Forster.  One of the plucky contestants who's dream it is to work in the kitchens of top restaurants and be shouted at by countless head chefs.  Oh and win $100,000.  Possibly a contender for cutest cook ever, Trevor is a Naval Submariner by trade.  He is apparently devoted to his wife but he is in the navy and likes to cook (and quite frankly got a little girly about making cupcakes) so I prefer to think that is just a cover story.  No-one correct me.  Absolutely adorable, with his tufty, balding hair,  cute beard, apple cheeks, lovely accent and cuddly belly.  He didn't win if anyone actually cares.  He served bait to the judges.  So not too bright.  That's the way I like 'em.  Hairy, chubby and dumb.  Hopefully he'll now take up a career in porn.  I definitely want to see him spill his jizz all over someone's chest (he could pretend he's icing a cake!).

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  1. Cupcakes!? Well that cinches it for me. I suppose he met his wife while they were auditioning for La Cage aux Folles, and they share a love for antique collecting.
    He's not fooling anyone, so dream away!