Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Every once in a while I find a guy who just looks so cuddly and innocent and that I feel I would need to distract him with balloons and sweets whilst I stripped him and abused every inch of him.  David Heath is such a man.  A UK Liberal Democrat MP, he seems very, very nice.  All Lib-Dems do.  It's just that they are a bit useless and will never come into power.  But he is lovely.  It's rare these days to find a politician sporting such a full-on beard.  And his would just soak up whatever bodily fluid you wished to deposit on it.  Again straight (it's just unnatural I tells ya), he is one of the cutest UK politicians around.  I bet he looks spectacular when he cums.  Accept he doesn't - he's too innocent for that.  Until I get hold him anyway :-).

Posting my Valentine's card.

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