Friday, 22 January 2010

Something new to my site

Hello again

I do intend to occasionally put up the odd painting from my site.  Although the majority of my stuff will still be on, I'll stick a few on here.  The intention of this blog is mainly to draw attention to all the lovely guys that there are (or have been) out there.  I know the likes of James Gandolfini are incredibly hot but they are everywhere.  I like to see the forgotten or unknown guys to stalk erm, admire.  I have a special affinity for those guys who appear in films for, like, 3 seconds but can immediately turn a seriously shitty film into something I must own on DVD.  I am a champion of these unsung chubby and bear heroes.  In fact, it is quite a noble and serious cause.  It has nothing to do with me looking for an excuse to search for hot guys whilst masturbating my penis down to a small(er) nub.

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