Sunday, 31 January 2010

My Arse!!

This is another 'love him or hate him' guy.  Obviously, I love him but he won't be to everyone's tastes.  The man in question is Ricky Tomlinson.  A very popular actor in the UK, he is probably best known for his role as the lazy slob Jim Royle in the comedy 'The Royle Family'.  The character incidentally has the catchphrase 'my arse'.  A lot of people confuse Ricky with his on-screen character and presume he is a big, unwashed slob.  This is not true.  He did make a comment saying that he was very like Jim Royle but he was referring to being a miser with money and going through the telephone bill complaining about the cost of calls.  A bit of checkered past though.  In his youth, he was a member of some VERY right wing organisations before realizing that was all shit and became incredibly left-wing.  This led to appearances in a couple of Ken Loach films once he took up acting.  He came to prominence in 'Brookside' (a soap opera) and has starred in various films and TV shows such as 'Cracker', 'Nice Guy Eddie', 'Clocking Off' and 'The 51st State".  Now, in the Ken Loach film 'Riff Raff' his character was caught having a bath in a show-home and had to exit covering only his modesty.  In the Ken Loach film 'Raining Stones' (of which I have snagged a pic) he bares his arse to a helicopter.  Now a bare arse is all very nice, but what is important is the huge low hanging ball sack.  Old Thommo pack a serious pair of nuts that I would love to have dragged all over my face.

The best I could snag.  They definitely look like they need emptying

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