Friday, 29 January 2010

Hellooooo Salty Goodness!!

Much to my shame, I had never heard of this man before until Dred mentioned him in the comments for Janusz Rewinski.  Wow!  Dred - my penis thanks you!!  The man is question is German actor Dietmar Huhn.  A big daddy bear of epic proportions, he has starred in quite a few German productions (mostly TV).  His longest running role seems to be as Horst Herzberger in the show "Alarm fur Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei".  Given that my only knowledge of German comes from Kraftwerk and hardcore porn, I am going to guess this has something to do with motorway/ highway police.  Disappointingly destroying my illusions of German TV, clothing seems to be retained by the actors in this programme.  Still, I could quite happily watch this show, with no idea what is being said, just to see Mr Huhn.  It would seem a lot of his roles require him to wear some form of uniform so that's one little fetish satisfied.  He even manages to look spectacular in his Eurotrashtastic hat, which makes him look vaguely folk-singerish.  Hat or no hat, the thought of this man bearing down on me is trouser-worryingly delicious.

You know what?  I'd still do him in this outfit lol

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