Monday, 25 January 2010

And now or something truly fantastic!

You'll have to forgive me the really poor pun above.  One-line zingers are not my specialty.  One of my favourite pastimes is to play Russian roulette on google or myspace and see what fantastic looking men I can come across.  Scratch that - that makes me sound sad.  One of my favourite pastimes is helping orphaned babies and helping out at my local soup kitchen.  When I am not able to do that, I resign myself to looking at hot men on google.  I was looking at cars online and popped into google images.  Suddenly I came across (no pun intended, filthy people) a small picture of what looked like a very handsome man.  I wavered for a moment then clicked on it.  My reader(s) demand it of me.  God, did I discover something beautiful.  The fantasy (hence the pun) writer Jeffrey Ford.  In a word - Wow!  I love those moments where you find a guy online out of the blue.  It's like finding money on the street or waking up to discover Phantom Menace was just a bad dream.  Now this man happens to look fantastic both with beard and without.  Unfortunately, like 99.9% of men I find attractive, he appears to be heterosexual, dammit.  He is author of such books as 'The Shadow Year', 'The Girl in the Glass' and 'The Empire of Ice Cream'.  He has his own website which links to his very funny and interesting blog.  Unable to find nude pictures of him, I'll just have to imagine.  Honestly, one of the best looking men I have ever seen.  I am now going to being work on a fantasy novel so that I can go to events and sit near him.  Possibly, deliberately, accidentally, trip and fall over so that my face lands in his crotch.  I find it best to be subtle like that.  Hope you enjoy looking at his pics as much as I do.

                                                        Jeffrey Ford pauses for a moment
                                                        during his reading as he finds me
                                                        kneeling under the pulpit reenacting
                                                        the scene from 'Police Academy'.

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